Things Are Looking BAD for Alvin Bragg In Trump Case!

Even in Harlem, he’s treated like a rock star! Donald Trump is absolutely crushing it, and Alvin Bragg is looking more pathetic than ever. Now we’ve got a new development that’s making things even worse for this corrupt Manhattan DA!

– President Trump visited a Harlem bodega where a store clerk faced charges for defending himself in a fatal stabbing.

– Trump’s visit highlights the perceived absurdities of Democrat governance policies like anarcho-tyranny.

– A new poll suggests skepticism about Trump’s guilt in a hush-money case, with concerns about jury impartiality.

President Trump made a highly touted visit to a bodega in Harlem yesterday. It was a politically brilliant move. This bodega was the site of a fatal stabbing when the 61-year-old store clerk, Jose Alba, defended himself against being attacked by a violent patron. To the outrage of virtually everyone, this Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, who’s trying to put Trump in jail, brought charges against Jose Alba who clearly acted in self-defense. The charges were eventually dropped, but Trump visited the site of the incident.

Trump is now flipping the script on Bragg. Trump, by visiting this bodega, is foregrounding the absurdities of the insane Democrat governance policy known as anarcho-tyranny. This is seen when a police officer charges you a hundred-dollar fine because your parking meter went 10 seconds over while ignoring the homeless guy five feet away from you shooting heroin and taking a crap on the sidewalk. It’s a strange combination of legal exemptions for some, but legal weaponization for others.

The key here is that the purveyors of wokeness, like Alvin Bragg, see criminals as victims and the law-abiding as victimizers. In an anarcho-tyrannical system, law-abiding citizens are recast as criminals, and that’s because they purportedly perpetuate a political, economic, and legal system infested with racist and bigoted policies. Criminality, when practiced by the new class of victims, is a ‘cry for help.’

This understanding of justice is a perverse inversion of a humane and just society. Bragg eventually dropped the charges against Alba, but the very fact that charges were ever filed against him in the first place was damaging enough. Trump is exploiting that by flipping the script on these insane Democrats. It was a triumphant visit, and the crowd began chanting ‘Four more years! Four more years!’

And even the kids and young people were swept up in it:

All of this is happening at the same time a new poll just came out. According to the poll, only 1 in 3 respondents believe that Trump acted illegally in this sham hush-money case. Just a third of respondents thought Trump was guilty of committing a crime, and the vast majority are highly skeptical that Trump is getting a fair shake in this, either from the prosecutors or the judge and most especially the jury. The vast majority of the country recognizes that there is no way a jury could ever possibly be impartial toward a former sitting president of the United States.

Every single person in the nation is partial one way or the other towards the president, particularly Trump. So it’s good to see that the vast majority of the country isn’t buying this clown show. The latest is that seven jurors have been seated after more than 50 were dismissed because of admitted partiality one way or the other. There are clearly a number of jurors who lean left. One described herself as someone who gets her news from the New York Times and CNN. We know what she’s going to decide. But there are also others who seem generally down-the-middle politically. In the end, we just need one juror to vote ‘no’ and you’ve officially got a hung jury and Trump waltzes out of that courtroom untouched!

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