GOP Voter Registration SURGES in Swing States!

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith sees exactly what Democrats are trying to do with their lawfare against President Trump, and he knows it’s not working! We have some stunning voter registration stats that are showing a GOP surge in swing states and a comparable Democrat plunge!

– GOP voter registration is surging in key swing states like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada.

– Pennsylvania’s Democrat advantage has decreased by nearly 300,000 since 2020, with a surge in Republican registrations.

– Support for Biden on major issues has collapsed, leading to political challenges for his administration.

Democrats are panicking over reports that GOP voter registration is surging in a number of key swing states. In the swing state of Pennsylvania, in November of 2020, Pennsylvania had about 686,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. As of April 2024, that advantage has been reduced to 399,000. The Democrats have lost nearly 300,000 registered voters in just the past three and half years. And Bumblin’ Biden ‘won’ the state by less than 81,000 votes in 2020.

The momentum seems to be gaining here. Just since November of last year, Republican registrations have surged by over 40,000, while Democratic registrations have plummeted by nearly 10,000. Republican activist Scott Presler has been spearheading voter registration drives all over Pennsylvania, and he is on the cusp of flipping several of the keystone state’s counties from blue to red. This GOP registration surge is happening in every single swing state. In North Carolina, Democrats have fallen from a 391,000 advantage in 2020 to now a 171,000 advantage today. In Nevada, Democrats have gone from a near 87,000 vote advantage to now just a 32,000 vote advantage.

Florida has actually gone from a 100,000 Democrat advantage in 2020 to a nearly one million Republican advantage for 2024. This is why Florida has been taken off the swing state list. Florida is now officially deep red. The second and third most populated states in the union, Texas and Florida, are now deep red. Larry Schweikert observed that this is precisely what we saw in 2016.

In 2016, there was this mass defection, particularly in states like Pennsylvania where the white working class that had voted Democrat in every presidential election since the 1980s changed their political affiliation. We are seeing similar momentum here in 2024. That’s especially the case when we examine the crosstabs in the latest polling in these swing states. Support for Biden on virtually all the major issues that voters care about has collapsed.

Whether it’s the economy, inflation, jobs, the southern border, immigration, crime, or foreign policy, Biden’s numbers are in the tank! That’s why they are pushing abortion. That is basically the only issue he polls better on than Trump. He can’t run on anything else so that collapse in support on all the major issues that voters are concerned about is absolutely politically killing Biden. He’s losing the under-36 vote, which is most likely fatal.

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