Trudeau HUMILIATED at G7 Conference!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embarrassing himself again. It was epic! A major new secessionist movement springing up in Canada where Trudeau has received major backlash.

– Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni shows little patience for Trudeau’s lecture on human rights.

– The Italian press publishes Trudeau’s blackface picture, labeling him a buffoon.

– Canadian patriots fight for faith, family, and freedom amidst discontent with Trudeau’s government.

The G7 is meeting this week in Japan, and Justin Trudeau mansplained human rights and democracy to the nationalist-populist Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni.

In Giorgia Meloni’s demeanor, it is clear that she had no patience for this pathetic buffoon. The Italian press went nuts over this. The Italian paper Libero printed a full-color picture of Trudeau in blackface. Trudeau during the last campaign tried to paint the Conservatives as a bunch of racists, and it was revealed that he had a penchant in his younger years for dressing up in blackface costumes which is considered the epitome of racial insensitivity. The paper splashed that picture on their front page, they call him a buffoon, and they ask rhetorically, “Who the hell does this guy think he is lecturing us?!?”

Even the Australian press was utterly bewildered by the absurdity of this guy.

Trudeau is viewed in Australia as repugnant and incompetent. These appear to be exactly the sentiments that Giorgia Meloni later expressed in a press conference. She said, in Italian, that Justin Trudeau was the victim of fake news, that he didn’t understand Italian politics or legislation, and that Italy needs no lectures about LGBT rights from his woke perspective.

Gay marriage is legal in Italy. However, the government only considers the biological parent in a same-sex union to be the parent, so there are limitations. Also, Meloni’s government, and Italians in general, are radically anti-woke. They are radically anti-globalist. Meloni is on a war path for the traditional family. She is very opposed to surrogacy and wombs for rent. Italians overwhelmingly agree with her.

According to the woke left, democracy is radically redefined by these lunatics as no longer the voice of the people but rather the voice of some people. Wokeness institutes a radical caste system of protected identities whose interests and concerns must, by definition, be prioritized in every sphere of social, political, and economic life. If they’re not, then by definition that society is unjust, immoral, bigoted, racist, and homophobic. When the interests and concerns of SOME, those of protected prioritized identities, are superimposed above all others, only then do you have what the woke left considers legitimate democracy.

The good news is that Canadians appear to be completely fed up with Trudeau. According to Morning Consult, he’s polling at a rather embarrassing 39%, which is declining also. This G7 trip likely did not do him any favors. The latest development coming out of Canada has patriots taking matters into their own hands. They’re not waiting around for their fellow Canadians to come to their senses and boot this guy out.

The Alberta 51 Project is an organization founded in 2022 that seeks to educate Canadians in the province about the possibility of seceding from Canada and joining the United States as its 51st state. It’s not just left that can talk about adding states like Puerto Rico for electoral advantages; the right can do it too. Alberta is often referred to as the Texas of the Great White North, and according to reports, Alberta 51 is gaining traction among disaffected Albertans who feel disillusioned with the woke federal government in Ottawa, particularly under the leadership of Trudeau. The turning point here was the radical authoritarian tactics employed during the Freedom Convoy protests last year.

Many saw that as Trudeau’s Ceausescu moment, and it earned him scorn throughout the Western world, particularly at the European Parliament where many members were offended by his appearance there shortly after the crackdown. A Croatian member of the European parliament said that while Canada was once the symbol of the modern world and human rights, it has now, under Trudeau, become a violator of those rights under the boot of a quasi-liberal government.

We saw them trample women with horses and block the bank accounts of single parents who can’t even pay the mortgages to their homes. It has become a dictatorship. Alberta 51 is the kind of movement you can expect to see emerge from such shock and disgust at one’s government. They are hardly alone. The secessionist movement known as “Wexit” has recognized that provinces like Alberta, known for their rich natural resources, have had their resources unfairly exploited by other parts of the country.

They, like Brexit, want their independence. Trudeau would never grant independence to them because he’s too busy defending ‘democracy.’ We can give our full support to the great Canadian patriots who are fighting the good fight defending faith, family, and freedom!

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