The Man TAKING DOWN George Soros!!!

He’s the man some say is redefining the world political order; his name is Subrahmanyam Jaishankar (Subra-MAN-yam Jay-shankar), the Minister of External Affairs of the rising civilization state of India, and you’re about to get a taste of this amazing rockstar on the international stage who’s one of the key leaders remaking that stage into a far more conservative world!

-The Indian Foreign Minister is single handedly DESTROYING George Soros!

-India is a rising nationalist civilization!

-There is nothing the globalist world order can do to stop this!

Here’s Dr. Jaishankar roasting George Soros like no one else, wait until you hear this: ….

That was an utterly brilliant observation. Soros isn’t just old, rich, and opinionated; he’s old, rich, opinionated and dangerous! And he’s dangerous because he only accepts democratic outcomes that elect HIS candidates. Any election, no matter how pristine, no matter how integral, is called into question the moment a candidate, particularly a Hindu nationalist, or better a civilizationalist candidate like Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, is elected, and elected overwhelmingly. Then Soros spends tens of millions of dollars to basically undermine that government, all in the name of a supposed open society! And Jaishankar calls it out for what it is: it’s nothing short of a deliberate covert regime change operation that undermines the democratically expressed will of the people all done under the veneer of democratic virtue! That’s probably the single most brilliant take down of Soros you’ll ever hear!

Here’s Jaishankar schooling at rather arrogant interviewer on the rules of a new civilizational world rising:

That questioner, the interviewer, was operating from this notion of an old Cold War paradigm that saw the world as a bi-polar, meaning, that there were two major power centers in the world, at that time of course it was the Soviet Union in the East and the United States in the West. And the entire world had to decide which side they were on: are you on the side of democracy and freedom represented by Europe and the United States or are you on the side of communism and repression represented by Russia and China. And what Dr. Jay-SHANkar basically just schooled her in was the fact that THAT Cold War world, where Europe’s problems are the world’s problems, .either you’re on the side of the West or you’re not; is dead; that bi-polar world is NOT the world that India lives in. India lives in what’s called a multi-polar world where multiple power centers are rising precisely because the old ancient civilizations of India, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran that were in many ways buried under layers of modernist industrial concrete are once again rising up and remaking the world order. India is one-fifth of the world’s population, it is the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world. India IS in many respects, its OWN world, and it will govern according to the unique interests and values of that distinctively Indian world! Here’s a Western journalist about to get a little history and economics lesson from Jaishankar:

I think I’m the center of the world. Well, I have to say, if Subrahmanyam Jaishankar continues to change the world order like he’s currently doing, truer words have never been uttered!