The College Education and Experience is Less Useful and More Expensive Than Ever

In 2020, we saw colleges shut down and send students home in light of the Covid lockdowns. In-person students had their classes moved online and did not get the experience and benefits of college that many of them wanted and paid for. In the 2020-2021 school year, most colleges had extremely limited on-campus activities, and most required rigorous Covid testing and ‘quarantining.’ This led to many students’ on-campus activities and classes being disrupted. Many events were not allowed to take place, especially indoor activities and gatherings. Some schools did not allow students to leave campus for breaks or go to neighboring towns.

This is one of the many ways that the public laid down and allowed the corrupt government to take advantage of us in the name of a ‘crisis.’ Covid was an excuse to uproot people’s lives, livelihoods, and ordered societal functioning. Now, we see colleges shutting down again for a similarly ridiculous reason. As ‘Free Palestine’ protests grow at college campuses, several universities have experienced challenges from the organized protests.

Many colleges have made remaining classes remote, and USC has canceled graduation. This young lady points out that her class in high school had their graduation canceled for Covid in 2020, and now many of those same students are seniors in college having their college graduations canceled again. This woman observed that seniors in 2020 assumed that the disruption to their high school experience would be a one-time thing based on the Covid ‘emergency.’ But now we are seeing another ‘emergency’ that means schools are shutting down and canceling events again. Both the disruptive protest and Covid ‘emergencies’ have one thing in common: they were wanted by the left. With both Covid and the protests that the left engages in, we know that liberal leaders use these things to manipulate the public.

So what can be done about this in the future? College classes, events, and even graduations can be canceled based on the political environment, so the ‘fun’ parts of the college experience are not guaranteed anymore. The leaders at these major universities could have done many things to prevent students from engaging in these unacceptable and disruptive protests.

To a lot of people, college is an ‘experience’ and primarily about having fun and participating in events. In light of schools now shutting down events, classes, and graduation ceremonies, it seems like the offerings of college are not guaranteed, which is unacceptable for the ridiculous cost of most universities.

Not only are the in-person events and ceremonies under threat of random cancellation based on the political climate, but colleges offer more useless degrees than ever. These set students up with no valuable skills and keep them in a state of childishness for 4 more years of their lives. Colleges do not often equip students with life skills, and high schools are known for not helping students be functional adults either. If people’s parents were not involved in their development into adulthood, which is increasingly common, children are left completely unprepared for graduation from college, especially if they chose a degree that has no clear connection to a marketable skill or job industry.

Many schools offer hundreds of degrees, many of which do not appear to be marketable or useful. Penn State offers majors such as African studies, not to be confused with African American studies, Asian studies, Chinese, Creative Writing, French, General Arts and Sciences, Geography, German, Integrated Social Sciences, Integrative Arts, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Studies, Liberal Arts, Medieval Studies, Middle East Studies, Musical Arts, Professional Photography, Race and Ethnic Studies, Recreation, Park and Tourism Management, Risk Management, Russian, Security and Risk Analysis, Theatre Studies, Turfgrass Science, and Women’s studies.

This is common for state schools, which offer 4-year degrees in subjects that clearly do not require 4-year collegiate study. Many of these subjects would be interesting and edifying to learn about, and learning about different languages and cultures is a great skill. There is absolutely no need to spend the tuition cost for these state schools to learn about these subjects that can easily be learned by independent study, reading, and research. Studies also show that cheating in college has increased significantly within recent years, estimating that 60% of students cheat on assignments. Justifying cheating on college assignments has become very common.

Administrators at universities reportedly are not concerned about this, as only 34% view cheating as a serious issue. Many college assignments are now submitted online, even including final exams, tests, and major projects, making cheating very easy and common in college work. There are no barriers in place to make it clear that cheating is unacceptable at these colleges, as students can just take tests and other assignments anywhere they want with no way to verify if they used resources or the internet. Some tests exist to check for plagiarism and AI use in papers, which can sometimes catch cheating academics, but we have also seen that it is not widely used or effective as many college faculty have been exposed for plagiarizing in their doctoral work within the past year. Professors at top institutions like ColumbiaPrinceton, and Harvard have been accused of recent plagiarism.

College education is more expensive than ever and allows cheating on assignments which makes graduation an unimpressive achievement today as many unintelligent, lazy people can graduate without much effort. Colleges offer lackluster education in many ridiculous fields of ‘study,’ rendering the status of receiving a college education an unimpressive achievement. Colleges also bent the knee to the progressive left and shut down in-person events and gatherings for protestors they refused to shut down, and a virus with a death toll under 7,000 for all adults ages 18-29 in America. Given the widespread uselessness of many college degrees and classes via the tolerance for cheating and the possibility that classes, events, and graduations can be canceled for ridiculous reasons, there are very few benefits of attending a 4-year college as a young adult. The educational and recreational benefits have largely been stripped from the college experience, and with the cost skyrocketing, very few students should be attending college today.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

Copyright, 2024.

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