Roseanne Barr Destroys Woke Hypocrites!

Roseanne Barr is yet another Hollywood Star to tell the Woke World to shove it! We’re going to see the latest celebrity to join this ongoing revolt, and make sure to stick with me to the very end of this video when you’ll see her get the most red-pilled of all.

– Roseanne Barr points out the shift in the Democratic Party and the rise of woke culture.

– Unafraid to speak her mind, Roseanne Barr reveals her pro-life stance.

– A growing trend: More celebrities are rejecting wokeness, paving the way for a parallel Hollywood that celebrates faith, family, and freedom.

Very few Hollywood icons have had such a stunning turnaround as Roseanne Barr. Once a liberal Green Party candidate for president and a hero of the far left, the comedian slowly began to embrace the patriotic values of faith, family, and freedom during the Trump years. She did so very boldly. She dropped truth bombs when she was on the Jimmy Kimmel Show regarding the Trump presidency.

She shared the notion that she didn’t change, the Democratic Party changed. The Overton Window has changed; the woke left began to take over, and because they don’t allow for any semblance of dissent, Roseanne got excommunicated. The Trump coalition is made up of many disaffected Democrats, particularly white working-class Democrats, the very family that the Roseanne show portrayed, who rightly recognize that there’s no longer any home for them in the newly woke Democrat Party.

Ever since coming out as a Trump supporter, Roseanne has been one of woke culture’s most ardent and vocal critics. Roseanne has said many subtle and powerful things about why Hollywood pushes woke agendas.

Both she and Megyn Kelly pointed out that woke agendas and cries of racism are ultimately attempts at hiding pedophilia. Roseanne also shares her theory on the leftwing bias in artificial intelligence and ChatGPT.

She has no problem being direct. This is ultimately about getting rid of us, and she’s not afraid to say it. The most amazing thing she has done recently was when she came out as thoroughly pro-life. Roseanne shared a moving story about reuniting with her daughter whom she gave up for adoption after she was born:

The list of celebrities that are rejecting wokeness in all of its forms is growing exponentially. It looks like a parallel Hollywood may be near, where music and entertainment can once again celebrate rather than denigrate faith, family, and freedom. When that time comes we will likely be seeing Roseanne Barr bringing smiles to us all!

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