Well now we know who opened the door that night at Paul Pelosi’s house, and we were right, police body cam footage has confirmed precisely what we suspected! Maybe now is a good time for Nancy to call in that exorcist! Let’s take a look!

-The footage has been released!

-More questions have already arisen!

-The Democrats LIED to smear MAGA Patriots!

The Paul Pelosi police body camera footage has been released!

Alright, so as you can see, Paul Pelosi clearly opened the door, David DePape had his right hand on the hammer, as did Pelosi, and he opened the door with his left hand. Strangely, Pelosi said ‘Hey guys, how are ya’ when the police arrived, and DePape said that everything’s good, everything’s fine. Pelosi looked a bit bewildered, it’s very odd that he didn’t immediately call for help or anything like that as they were both holding the hammer. I don’t know who initiated that; it could have been Pelosi, and it was DePape trying to take it out of his hand! But regardless, the mystery of who opened the door is solved; remember, according to official reports, DePape confronted Paul Pelosi, demanding to see Nancy! At some point, Pelosi excused himself from DePape by saying he needed to use the bathroom. It just so happens, that THAT’s where he was charging his phone and so, at approximately 2:30am, Paul Pelosi called 911 on his cellphone. The dispatcher for the San Francisco police department relayed the following message:

“The Reporting Party [or RP] stated that there’s a male in the home and that he’s going to wait for his wife. …..RP stated that he doesn’t know who the male is, but he advised that his name is David and that he is a friend… RP [the reporting party] ….sounded somewhat confused.”

Police arrived 2 minutes later, they knocked, and according to reports, an undisclosed person opened the door. At that point, the police observed the two men, each with one hand on a single hammer, and ordered both of them to drop it. DePape immediately pulled it from Pelosi and started hitting him with it. The cops tackled DePape and took him into custody. So that’s the official timeline; to say that it was odd would be an understatement; it’s beyond bizarre and peculiar! But then Elon Musk of all people, tweeted out this: “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye” and he linked to a story from the Santa Monica Observer on what they called the real truth of what happened. They argued that Paul Pelosi was actually drunk and got into a fight with a male prostitute, who, according to the article, was David DePape, and the story went on to say that Pelosi has long been widely rumored to be gay and that this was basically confirmation of that rumor! So, obviously, Musk absolutely freaked out the single legacy media, claiming he was a conspiracy theorist and the like! But THEN, NBC news of all places reported THIS:

The Today Show, also of NBC, followed up that report with this:

Now, stunningly as many of you know, that report was later retracted by NBC News, and that reporter, Miguel Almaguer, was actually suspended; he wasn’t seen on air for weeks after that! And that’s when we knew that something was up! Paul Pelosi opened the door, and he apparently walked back towards his supposed assailant, who he earlier identified by name as his friend! Well, in the bodycam, we don’t see him walking back, but we certainly don’t see him running towards police! It’s a very, very odd situation! But I think we can see why the legacy media did everything they could to hide what actually happened! And that’s because they exploited this situation to deliberately rebrand it as an opportunity to smear the MAGA movement just before the midterms. So this was an obviously embarrassing and strange occurrence of the Pelosi’s that they tried to turn into an occasion to denigrate and slander patriots! Still, there are plenty of questions that have yet to be answered and we’ll have to see the extent to which those answers will be forthcoming!