MAGA GOP Is Taking Over Swing States!

As the 2024 contest heats up, all eyes are increasingly on the battleground state of Michigan. Home to over 10 million Americans and 15 electoral votes, Michigan will play a key role in determining the outcome of the November presidential election. But in many ways, that decision has already been made, at least when it comes to the remaking of the state’s Republican Party.

– MAGA Republicans are orchestrating takeovers of state party leadership, pushing out RINOs and neocons in Michigan and beyond.

– Trump’s dominance in Michigan primaries signals strong support among working-class voters, including union members and Arab-Americans.

– Idaho’s ban on mandatory diversity statements reflects a broader trend in Republican-led states rejecting DEI initiatives.

Numerous reports are coming out about the astonishing surge of MAGA Republicans taking over the state party’s apparatus and effectively expelling RINOs and establishment neocons from leadership positions! One of the main organizers of this political takeover is America First, a growing movement of patriots dedicated to restoring the God-given freedoms and liberties that have made our nation a shining city on the hill for all.

To do that, America First Republicans have been systematically taking over counties in Michigan, and they’re winning. According to Reuters, America First Republicans now control local party leadership in more than half of Michigan’s 83 counties, an astonishing feat that they have accomplished in just a few months. For example, America First Republicans recently crushed the competition in Ottawa County and captured the Republican Party there. We are already seeing the astonishing results of just what this MAGA-dominated Republican Party can do.

A few weeks ago, Trump dominated the Michigan primaries. Trump won every single county in Michigan. His vote totals crushed Biden’s by over 100,000 votes. Similarly, Biden lost one of the most Democrat districts in the whole of the state. Dearborn, which is the most densely populated Muslim town in the nation, voted for the generic ‘uncommitted’ vote. Biden lost by a 3 to 1 margin. It was a protest vote against Biden’s policies in the Middle East. The Arab-American constituency that had voted for Biden by 70% in 2020 has come out and said they are going to do everything they can to make sure he loses in 2024.

Biden needs every vote he can get, and this is largely because the new MAGA-dominated GOP in Michigan centers around the working-class vote. One of the keys to Trump’s total dominance here is the defection of the union vote, particularly the Michigan auto-worker vote. This is one of the major political realignments that we saw in 2016, where a demographic that has voted Democrat in every presidential election over the last 30+ years suddenly defected and voted en masse for Donald Trump.

Biden has lost the union vote, which is significant in states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania where the blue-collar union vote represents a significant portion of the electorate. He has lost the union vote and the Muslim vote, which means he loses Dearborn. Biden is losing his party while Trump has solidified and unified his! We are seeing a major realignment in deep red states towards strong conservative stances.

The deep red state of Wyoming has just officially outlawed “gender-reassignment” procedures for children. Republican Governor Mark Gordon signed the “Children gender change prohibition” bill into law on Friday. The law covers prohibitions against “sex-change” operations and includes a ban on puberty-blocking hormones as well. This legislation of course follows on the heels of the recent decision by the National Health Services of England to ban puberty blockers in the treatment of gender dysphoria in children.

This was a stunningly sweeping and unambiguous decision, and it left trans activists shellshocked. Officials at the NHS looked at the science rather than the activism and concluded that puberty blockers do far more harm than good. It appears that we are seeing a bit of a trend here. Nearly half the states in the nation, all Republican-dominated, have banned at least some form of gender transition procedures for minors.

In the great state of Idaho, governor Brad Little signed into law a bill that officially bans public universities from requiring prospective students or workers to adhere to mandatory diversity statements. Idaho has banned DEI from all public universities. From now on, all higher education institutions are prohibited from eliciting statements discussing candidates’ race, sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, as well as their views on those various issues. Instead, universities are required by law to focus solely on the academic and extra-curricular merits of the prospective students and faculty.

It’s also illegal now for universities to inquire as to whether their applicants made any contributions to DEI initiatives and social justice programs. They are not allowed to give assignments that require students to reflect on their racial privilege. It’s a very far-ranging, sweeping law that looks like it takes out DEI initiatives at the kneecap. It appears to be par for the course, as many red states look like they’re going to follow Idaho’s lead!

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