January 6th Committee CAUGHT as Trump EXONERATED!

We have got a bombshell revelation that’s just come out that caught Liz Cheney and the J6 committee red-handed! We’re going to see the latest on this breaking news and how it completely exonerates President Trump! We are also seeing a major city in California that just required new criteria for residents to vote.

– The J6 committee, led by Liz Cheney, has been accused of suppressing evidence that exonerates former President Trump from accusations of inciting the January 6th Capitol riot.

– Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist has accused Liz Cheney of lying by omission and commission in her handling of the evidence.

– Huntington Beach, California, recently approved two ballot measures: one implementing a voter ID requirement and the other banning the flying of the pride flag on city property.

We have a major development proving just how partisan and corrupt the J6 committee was. Liz Cheney and the J6 committee deliberately suppressed evidence in their weaving together the official J6 narrative. One of the unanswered mysteries surrounding that fateful day was why the capitol building was so poorly prepared and defended on that day. Now we know why. A newly released transcript of testimony confirms that President Trump requested upwards of 10,000 National Guard troops to maintain order and peace.

That hardly sounds like someone hellbent on disrupting and preventing Congress from certifying the election results. That would be quite a formidable force protecting and defending that congressional procedure. The transcript also puts to an end the absurd tale told by far-left activist Cassidy Hutchinson in testimony before the committee that Trump had physically tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo when the Secret Service refused to take him to the Capitol. We now know that the J6 committee knew that Secret Service agents, including the driver of Trump’s limo, all denied that ridiculous fabrication.

It’s no wonder that Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist came out and bluntly said it: Liz Cheney lied by both omission and commission. She deliberately suppressed evidence that Trump did everything he could to make sure that the proceedings taking place inside the Capitol were protected, defended, and secured. She pushed that ridiculous testimony fabricated to make Trump look unhinged.

What all of this means is that Trump has been completely exonerated of the charge that he attempted to disrupt the proceedings. If Cheney knew about this, then Mollie Hemingway is right. She and the J6 committee blatantly lied to the American people. They knew President Trump took proactive steps to secure and protect the congressional proceedings to certify the election. That blatantly contradicts any assertion that he deliberately tried to disrupt that certification.

Moreover, this bombshell revelation raises the question: why were those 10,000 National Guard troops rejected? Why was Trump’s offer turned down? We are right back to where we started. Who decided to expose the Capitol as defenseless in such an irresponsible manner? And why didn’t the J6 committee pursue that, if they had evidence that such was the case? This all just further underscores how pathetically partisan the J6 committee was. It was the very definition of a Kangaroo court, It was a committee that began with the verdict of Trump’s guilt already assumed.

Every member had previously voted to impeach him. They began with Trump’s guilt already predetermined. All they had to do was find the evidence to fit the crime that he had already been convicted of in the eyes of every single person sitting on that committee. Permanent Washington’s legacy media did everything they could to sell this committee to the American people, and now the truth is coming out despite their best efforts at selling us this lie. More people are realizing just how rankly partisan that committee was.

We have got to talk about what the city of Huntington Beach in California is doing. Voters went to the polls last Tuesday and overwhelmingly approved two ballots. The first involved implementing a voter ID requirement for all elections in Huntington Beach, and the second involved banning the flying of the pride flag on city property. These residents are standing up and revolting against the far-left wokeness that has taken over so much of the state.

The voter ID requirement passed by 8 points and the ban on the pride flag passed by even more, by double digits. Now, these two ballots flew a bit under the radar because they happened on the same day as Super Tuesday, the biggest day of the primary season, but that’s when voters came out to vote on these two ballot measures as well. Both of these passed overwhelmingly. Huntington Beach is becoming a solid, conservative respite amid the state’s infesting wokeness.

The Huntington Beach city council originally proposed both ballots, so it is very clear that the city’s residents are all on the same page with their local representatives! It’s driving the woke left insane. For them, there is no basis for legitimate dissent. They operate with what’s called radical perspectivism which means that their perception of reality exhausts all possible options. There is no legitimate alternative to woke perceptions.

Woke perceptions exhaust moral obligations, and so, by definition, anything that opposes those obligations is inherently immoral. This is the most un-democratic notion imaginable. All debate, discussion, and deliberation is shut down. People are not even allowed to be silent because ‘silence is compliance.’ So it’s their way or the highway, and the residents of Huntington Beach appear as an oasis of sanity in an otherwise insane woke state!

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