Jack Smith’s CASE against Trump Faces New Setback!

The ultra-leftists over at MSNBC are flipping out over the latest ruling on the Trump classified documents case that checkmates Jack Smith! We’re going to see the latest ruling that has Trump’s legal team celebrating and leftists seething!

– US District Judge Aileen Cannon gives Special Counsel Jack Smith a deadline to decide on the handling of classified documents in the case against President Trump.

– MSNBC and The Daily Beast reacted strongly to the ruling, indicating potential trouble for the case against Trump.

– Georgia governor Brian Kemp signs a bill to regulate prosecutors, potentially leading to disciplinary action against Willis.

We have some breaking news on the classified documents case against President Trump. US District Judge Aileen Cannon has just dropped a bombshell on Special Counsel Jack Smith. Smith has until April 2nd to decide between two scenarios going forward: he will either have to allow jurors to see a massive trove of documents that both President Trump and other presidents have brought home with them, or Smith has to admit that he has no case.

Judge Cannon, the judge presiding over Jack Smith’s classified documents case against President Trump, gave a ruling that Jack Smith must now choose either to allow jurors to see the supposedly classified records found at Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago and examine them in detail in light of what other presidents have brought home with them in the past, or Smith has to give jurors instructions that would effectively order them to acquit President Trump.

Judge Cannon is zeroing in on the charge of ‘unauthorized possession’ against Trump. She is forcing Jack Smith to coherently define what unauthorized possession means. Smith has to either allow every jury member to examine every record and every document that a former president takes back home with him and claims as “personal” to establish a standard by which to judge Trump’s similar behavior, or the jurors have to be told that “a president does have sole authority to categorize records as personal or presidential during his/her presidency.”

Constitutionally speaking, it is the duly elected chief executive, not unelected deep state bureaucrats, who have ultimate authority in declaring all classification issues and status. A president can declare any document he wants to be either classified or not classified. There is no unelected official that has more authority than the duly elected president of the United States to classify or declassify. What this means is that Trump is being charged with a crime that he constitutionally cannot conceivably commit.

Smith has the option to allow the jury to examine all of Trump’s supposedly classified national security documents in light of the other documents that other presidents have brought home with them. The jury would then determine whether Trump is guilty of unauthorized possession, and they would see immediately he’s not. Or, Smith would need to tell the jury that the president of the United States does possess the unique authority to classify or declassify whatever he wants and thereby pull the rug from under his entire case! This is why the ultra-leftist wackos at MSNBC and the Daily Beast are all freaking out.

Fani Willis may have survived to fight another day, but it looks like that day isn’t going to come until well after the November elections. The Judge in the Fulton County case, Judge McAfee, made the insane ruling last week that either the corrupt DA Fani Willis has to step aside from the case against Trump, or her corrupt boytoy Nathan Wade has to step aside. This case doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Jury selection itself can last beyond a year, and Fani Willis continues to come under scrutiny.

Last week, Georgia governor Brian Kemp just signed into law a bill designed to rein in rogue prosecutors like the utterly corrupt Fani Willis. The new law grants a committee known as the Prosecuting Attorneys Qualifications Commission, just established last year, the authority to establish rules for disciplining and removing prosecutors who they believe to be acting unethically. Many are arguing that Fani Willis is primed for just such disciplinary action. A Georgia senate committee is already investigating her apparent misuse of funds and conflict of interest. So it does look like Fani Willis will have to face justice herself before she can attempt to do any damage against Trump in this blatant partisan lawfare.

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