Is Ozempic Dangerous? Big Pharma LIES About Cause of Obesity!

Obesity is a condition that affects 41% of the population. The way many sites discuss obesity is misleading, as resources such as the CDC, Forbes, and Cleveland Clinic call obesity a ‘disease.’ They also suggest that obesity is not something within a person’s control and suggest that conditions such as hypothyroidism can make people obese. Forbes even goes so far as to claim that, “Experts emphasize that people with obesity shouldn’t be blamed for their health condition.”

People are taking less accountability for their actions and are encouraged to continue living unhealthy lifestyles by the encouragement of medical industries and celebrities. These people and organizations claim that this is not within one’s control. However, many people are pointing out the obvious flaws in the argument for obesity as a disease, and many are also questioning the effectiveness and healthiness of Ozempic.

Many people are allegedly suing Ozempic for the harm they claim it has caused them. People are also sharing horror stories about Ozempic, stating that it caused them to gain weight, throw up, and become hospitalized. Dr. Carol Swain shared that Ozempic put her in the hospital in critical condition, and only caused her to lose 8lbs. She gained more weight after stopping the weight loss drug, and it took her a long time to get back to her initial weight from before she took this medication.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh observed that the medical industry’s fixation on labeling obesity as a disease that needs to be medicated is another example of Western society’s rejection of sin. We are no longer treating obesity and gluttony as a vice that needs to be rejected in favor of the truth, life, and health. Society considers these things as something that we have no agency over, which seeks to remove any moral responsibility we have over our choices.

Walsh also observed that if obesity truly is a ‘disease,’ it is odd that nobody had this disease in the early 1900s and populations in many countries across the world today do not have this ‘disease.’ Big Pharma has decided to re-label obesity, gluttony, and slothfulness as an uncontrollable disease instead of pointing out that people can cure their obesity by themselves simply by eating an appropriate amount of healthy food and doing mild exercise. This is such a basic principle of health, but the left has completely rejected very basic facts about health and biology, so now this needs to be said.

These drugs are also costly, so the notion that obese people are not able to change their weight because they are ‘diseased’ in the same way that someone with asthma is makes people believe that these drugs are worth purchasing. The cost of Ozempic is about $935 per dose without insurance. Many insurances do not cover these weight loss drugs, so customers can be stuck paying a lot of money out of pocket for these medications. There seem to be very few potential benefits to taking these drugs, and for people who are obese because of uncontrolled vice, sin, or lack of self-control, these medications may take away the obesity if they work properly, but these people will not be set up to continue living a healthy and balanced lifestyle when they attain an appropriate weight.

These stories show that Ozempic may not be the miracle drug it has been marketed as. There are dozens of lawsuits currently pending against manufacturing companies Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk. Patients allege that they were not warned about the severe health risks associated with this drug. The manufacturing companies responded, claiming that they had broadcasted that gastrointestinal issues and other side effects may occur, and the physicians and other healthcare providers who prescribed this medication were informed about these risks.

However, many believe that the life-threatening conditions they were in as a result of this medication were not properly conveyed. Many patients allegedly have irreversible conditions because of this drug. The solution is fortunately very simple. Obesity is not a disease as claimed by the medical industry and promoted by spokespeople like Oprah. Obesity is a classification that describes how overweight someone is, and people can lose weight by very simply eating fewer calories than they are burning. Exercise and eating an appropriate amount of healthy foods such as high-protein foods are the two proven ways to cause weight loss. We should not believe that everything wrong with us can be fixed by whatever propaganda Big Pharma tries to force on us. Everyone has control over their health and can ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle without consuming dangerous and expensive medications.

Erin Weeks is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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