Is Greater Idaho Really Happening?!

The Greater Idaho Movement is SWEEPING across Eastern Oregon as 12 of the 15 counties in the region have VOTED TO JOIN IDAHO! More votes are coming up as the 380,000 residents of Eastern Oregon make it clear they are DONE with Portland and Multnomah county! Dr. Steve discusses this and the disenfranchisement experienced by rural white voters with his Staff Writer Conrad Franz.

-Greater Idaho has over 60% support in Eastern Oregon!

-The Idaho Legislature has supported the move!

-The move will even benefit the liberals in Western Oregon as well as setting the patriots in the East free! Read more to find out how!

Conrad: I think that’s a good transition into this, which is my favorite thing going on in American politics personally, you might agree, you’ve made several videos on it but I think we have to talk about it! We’re seeing Greater Idaho sweep across eastern Oregon. And the movement, you know, for anyone who doesn’t, is seeking to move Oregon’s border westward and incorporate Eastern Oregon (62% of Oregon’s landmass) and the 380,000 patriots living there into Idaho! The area isn’t even half of a congressional district these days as far as population goes. But 12 out of the 12 counties that have held votes to join Greater Idaho have voted in support, and only three more counties are left until the planned area is completely aligned!. So it’s gaining a lot of support. I’m wondering, what are your thoughts on this and the broader trends? My biggest thing is, if we don’t start doing these kinds of innovative interstate things, people are going to start getting very frustrated with the political process very fast. I think if both parties were smart, they would use this as a pressure release valve personally.

Dr. Steve: Yeah, again, I think you’re absolutely right on that Conrad and I agree with you. I’m fascinated particularly about what some scholars would call internal versus external secession. So staying within the country, but trying to recalibrate your municipal borders, so that your voice can actually be heard politically. Because you know, 51%, democracy can easily turn into 49% tyranny. I mean, 49% of these people have to live under a regime they didn’t vote for, and they don’t want. So I think in many respects, something like a greater Idaho movement is precisely the kind of positive enactment of democratic values that can be employed so as to provide some kind of guidance and some kind of voice for the people. We have to understand just how disenfranchising our current political map really is the way it’s structured. This is because the 19th century saw one of the biggest demographic shifts we’ve ever witnessed. At the beginning of the 19th century 90% of the population was rural; only 10% was urban. At the end of the 19th century in the Industrial Revolution. 90% was urban and 10% was rural and that has now reversed. We’re moving out of that and going through a de-urbanization that’s happening right now. But that has had an extraordinary capacity or consequence, to disenfranchise more and more counties in our nation. And for a legacy media that’s so hypersensitive about voters being disenfranchised, it’s so interesting that they completely ignore something like what’s happening in the state of Oregon. So Oregon is comprised of 36 counties. It’s one of the bluest states in the country, in terms of statewide elections and who they send to Congress and who becomes governor, all that good stuff. With all that said, if just one of those 36 counties disappeared, Multnomah County where Portland is, I read a study that concluded that if you just had those 35 of the 36 counties, one disappeared, they determined that the Republican statewide candidate would win by an average of 10 points in virtually every single election. That’s the kind of disenfranchisement rural Oregon voters feel. Republicans consistently win 29 or 30 of Oregon’s 36 counties, but because of this one county, all 29 or 30 of those counties are totally negated. And so this sort of thing is inevitable. That kind of disenfranchisement cannot last forever. And so there they are actively seeking some kind of permanent resolution, and that is secession, they want to join up with Idaho. And, in fairness, the idea this is not just theoretical, and it’s not just limited to the referendum. And it’s not just symbolic. I mean, the Idaho State legislature actually has a study that they are putting forward to look at what is involved in moving the border westward. There’s a bill in the Oregon Senate that wants to take seriously the issue of rural disenfranchisement and part of that is considering moving the borders since you have so many disaffected citizens in your state. So we’ll see. But this is precisely the kind of citizen activism that not only you need, but you can expect to see when so many have basically been effectively shut out of the democratic process when it comes to statewide elections. If you guys are enjoying this discussion be sure to sign up for my Insider’s Club where you can ask questions and discuss anything and everything with me with NO CENSORSHIP every week! Find out more HERE!

Conrad: And this is going to be one of those things where sure, the left might be against it, because it does shore up Idaho as this kind of fortress. But it will free up Oregon to be the progressive bastion, it always wanted to be. The Republicans won’t have any numbers to do anything in the state legislature and block progressive legislation like they have so often in the past. The problem is, unfortunately, people in Portland specifically like the really far left people in academia, they’ve made it clear their goal is the deconstruction of the white supremacist system, as they call it, which, if you translate that it basically just means disenfranchising white people. Like that’s really all it means. And that’s if I could maybe convince them that the 380,000 people in Eastern Oregon were Somalian refugees they may grow more concerned.

Dr. Steve: That is the cultural Marxism of Repressive Tolerance that Herbert Marcuse and others were advocating. The only way you’re going to get cultural control is if you overthrow the dominant ethnic majority. And this is why you have Patriarch Kirill and a number of leaders like Viktor Orban in Hungary, the Law and Justice Party in Poland and so forth. They’ve all said this multiculturalism is wicked stuff. Yeah you even had someone like Emmanuel Macron talking that way in France! You get this notion that we have to somehow derogate and destroy the dominant ethnicity, so as to be able to create a majority of the aggrieved, you know, a majority of minorities as it were. And the only way you can do that is by destroying, in effect, the dominant ethnic and cultural majority. It just becomes the unleashing of a radical cultural Civil War. That’s why Carol Swain talked about how, back in 2000 the new white nationalists were not KKK members. They weren’t social Darwinists. They didn’t believe in biological superiority or anything. When all is said and done they were civil rights activists. They were sick and tired of being told that hey, if you’re black, you can vote your political interests. If you’re Latino, you can vote your political interests, if you’re Asian you can vote your political interest…but if you’re white, sit down, shut up. You’ve got to be a radical individualist, you’re not allowed to be ethnocentric in your cultural and political concerns. And Carol Swain, who is herself black, said that’s just simply not a sustainable model.

Conrad: So many people forget that, look, I’m not here to re-litigate the 20th century civil rights movement but the army had to be deployed on the people of the South for all of that to go through. There’s still people alive today that do feel that from the 1960s onwards they’ve been under, effectively occupied territory by the regime that is now manifesting DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and other overtly racist policies. come And like you said, there’s nobody here advocating some kind of resurgence of a caste system. Frankly, some people just want to be left alone.

Dr. Steve: And they want to enjoy the historic customs and traditions and cultures of our nation.

Conrad: And what frustrates people even more from the Republicans is that we know where the Democrats and the Marxists stand. Okay. And we’re not surprised by that. But it’s the Republicans who cite our Constitution and history as a Republic as a reason for us to accept multiculturalism. I would just encourage anybody to read John Jay, or the Federalist Papers and what they say about who this country needs to be made up of for the system to work. I would encourage people to read that before they tell me that I’m betraying the Constitution by perhaps, you know, being an immigration restrictionist or something.

Dr. Steve: Interestingly Yoram Hazony, an Israeli American scholar who’s kind of behind the resurgence of nationalist conservatism would argue the same thing. He said you’ve got to have a culture that is protected, that is loved and revered, if you’re going to have a flourishing nation. And this is one of the reasons why it seems Israel is bucking the trend right now, and is actually demographically exploding, and it’s not just the Orthodox that are having lots and lots of kids. Even secular Jews are above the 2.1 replacement level, and when pushed, to figure out what on earth is going on there, the most common thing they hear among their citizenry, as well, unlike the secular West, we feel like we have a mission, we feel like we have a purpose and that comes from a strong culture. So there’s a reason why cultural Marxists attack culture, it’s because if you attack culture, you destroy the immune system that is able to thwart what are technically called perturbations. You’re able to get rid of anything that would end up getting in the way of social flourishing. And if Cultural Marxism is responsible for anything, it is for the total destruction of social flourishing of American culture.

Conrad: Well, I think we’re both in agreement that if Greater Idaho happens we’ll be moving to the Willamette Valley of Oregon to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest without the nonsense of Oregon politics. That’s my pledge to the audience. So there you go if you want to see me ove there you can support Greater Idaho at

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