Head of FSB: US, UK, & Ukraine Behind Terrorist Attack!

As the Tajik terrorists behind the devastating Crocus mall attack in Moscow are being tortured and prosecuted, the Russian intelligence services are rapidly trying to discover who funded and was ultimately behind the disgusting attacks. FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, as of Tuesday March 26th, has stated that America, Britain, and Ukraine “are behind” the attack and that “retaliatory measures” will be taken.

We do not know the evidence the Russian intelligence services have that indicate that this bombshell is true but some parties have already reacted. Not long after on March 26th, Ukrainian President Zelensky dismissed the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov. These could be unrelated, of course, as Ukraine is being forced to withdraw all across the front line, but the reality of Ukrainian involvement in a bizarre false flag attack would certainly also trigger some shake ups. It is being reported that Danilov’s replacement was the head of the SVRU, the Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence service. Interesting to say the least.

Many Russian patriots are drawing attention to the ridiculous visa free policies towards central asian, former soviet states like Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Russia has its own version of “open borders” held over from the Soviet era that allow thousands of muslims from central asia to enter Russia effectively at will. The fact that these terrorists were all Tajiks is certainly going to raise awareness for this issue as many Russian patriots have been noting the outsized amount of urban crime committed by caucasian and central asian muslim minorities in cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This attack will not, however, trigger any kind of mass unrest between the muslim minority in Russia and the Orthodox Christian majority. Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya Russia’s largest muslim region, was the first to staunchly disavow the attacks and pledge revenge on those responsible. He knows he is only in power to maintain order and unity between Russia and Chechnya at Putin’s behest so he will work hard to stamp out any terroristic extremism being stoked by western powers in his region.

Russia had already escalated with hypersonic missile strikes on Kiev right before the Crocus mall attack occurred. This means we are truly in uncharted territory regarding the impending response. Not only can we expect unprecedented escalations on the battle front in Ukraine, but with Bortnikov’s recent revelations, we may be seeing strikes or escalation outside of the Ukrainian theater, making this moment one of the closest to WWIII perhaps in our lifetimes.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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