Dan Bongino and Megyn Kelly EXPOSE Fox News!!!

Well as it turns out, Dan Bongino’s thinking a lot about this; we’re going to see what he has to say about what’s really going on at Fox and the future of the rising new media that’s about to take Fox’s place.

– Speculation surrounds Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News, with no official explanation given.

– Tucker Carlson remains undeterred and plans to take his show to Twitter, potentially challenging Fox News.

– The internet’s democratization of information has diminished the influence of old gatekeepers, with Fox News lagging behind in adapting to the changing landscape.

Both Bongino and Megyn Kelly are claiming that no one outside of Rupert Murdoch and his inner circle knows why Tucker was let go. There’s been a lot of speculation about it, but Fox News has yet to offer an explanation of why they canned the most popular news anchor on television, which includes cable, network news, and talk radio. No one even came close to Tucker Carlson. Tucker is doing well right now and has received $100 million offers in comparison to the obscurity that CNN’s now-fired line-up has found itself in. Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and Brian Stelter all struggled with being irrelevant after being fired from CNN.

This lack of explanation for why Fox would get rid of the most popular news personality today is garnering several theories. One theory is that it was part of the Dominion settlement. Fox settled with Dominion in court to the tune of $700 million plus, and getting rid of Tucker was part of it. Another opinion is the suspicion that Tucker was fired to silence him, to remove his pro-Trump, pro-populist, anti-war voice from the public square. Rupert Murdoch hates Trump and loves DeSantis. Tucker has about 18 more months left on his contract with Fox, and as part of that contract, he can’t compete against Fox News on air. So he’d be effectively shut down from any public influence for the foreseeable future.

Rolling Stone is reporting that they have eight sources that tell them that Fox News’ top people have been stockpiling incriminating information on Tucker to ensure his silence. The theory here is twofold. As long as they keep paying Tucker, he has to comply with the strictures of the contract, and if he decides to go rogue, they allegedly have information to deter him from speaking out. If that was the plan, it’s all unraveling. Even Rolling Stone is now admitting that none of this is going to stop Tucker. He is not intimidated and he is not going to be silenced. He is preparing to crush Fox by taking his show to Twitter.

Dan Bongino and Megyn Kelly believe that a new media civilization is rising and it’s already beginning to eclipse the cable and network news model. Both cable and network news emerged before the internet. Today we live in a time where, as long as we have access to digital networks like the Internet, we have access to information and events directly. As such, we don’t need to wait for Fox or for CNN to put together a report for us. We have direct access via digital networks to whatever is going on in the world. Our news consumption is far more lateral than it is linear. People commonly use a variety of platforms like YouTube, Rumble, and Spotify. We also use several different content creators.

Fewer people are turning on the news and letting a single channel play out sequentially hour by hour. We are consuming our news laterally rather than linearly. That single channel with its single sequential line-up that changes upon the hour cannot compete with platforms that offer the consumer the opportunity to swipe through content creators and ideas.

With the radical democratization of information via the internet, the old gatekeepers that used to have a monopoly on information are going extinct, and according to Dan and Megyn, the corporate elites at Fox News have yet to come to that realization.

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