Serbian Nationalism RISING! Bosnia OVER?!

The nationalist populist, pro Russian leader of Republika Srpska has told the globalist, muslim leaders of Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) that he will SECEDE! That’s right, Milorad Dodik, the leader of the Serbian autonomous region of Bosnia & Herzegovina, has openly stated, “Republika Srpska will become an independent state because, in Bosnia & Herzegovina, we are unable to be part of regional initiatives that could be useful to us.” He also stated that the US and British policy in the region had turned BiH into a “cursed” country and aimed to dissolve Republika Srpska.

For those unaware, Republika Srpska takes up well over ⅓ of the country and if it were to truly secede, would render Bosnia & Herzegovina an effectively failed state. Much like the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics which enjoyed self declared independence for 8 years before formal recognition by the Russian Federation, Republika Srpska will seek union with neighboring Serbia as soon as possible if it secedes. The entire BiH project as well as Montenegro and Kosovo to the South have been spearheaded by Clinton lackeys in the State Department since the 90’s. Madeleine Albright, Victoria Nuland, John McCain, and many names that will forever echo the hallowed halls of neocon hell have been terrorizing and balkanizing the Serbian lands for decades now.

These calls from Dodik are terrifying Bosnian officials who have called for forces to be prepared to possibly preserve the “integrity” of BiH. Dodik seems serious, however, and has already moved militarized police forces to the border between Srpska and Bosnia, specifically in the town of Doboj. Srpska, despite being disallowed from having its own armed forces, has stretched the limits of this restriction and has dramatically increased its militarized police and peacekeeping forces, effectively giving Dodon an army. Much like the Russian nationalists in Donbass, Dodik and the Srpska nationalists are even stauncher Serbian nationalists than Vucic and the leaders in Serbia itself. However, with recent escalations against Serbs in Kosovo (causing them to all boycott the local elections in their towns), and the fall of anti Serb, EU dictator Dukanovic in neighboring Montenegro, it appears Dodik felt that Serbian nationalism is on the rise and the people are fed up enough to support the end of the globalist, Bosnian project.

Montenegro, Kosovo, most of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and parts of Croatia used to be Serbia. They are majority Orthodox Christian Serb to this day but have been subjugated under new Roman Catholic, Muslim, and secular eurocrat states respectively. The balkan projects were the true neoliberal precursor to the Iraq and Afghanistan war fiascos but because the victims are nationalist, Orthodox Christian Serbs, even much of the anti war left ignores their plight. Unfortunately Russia, the strongest ally of Serbian nationalism, is bogged down fighting billions in western weapons in Ukraine, making it hard for them to consider aiding the Serbs. A truer example of a nationalist leader of a Christian population standing against secular, globalist forces and imperialism would be hard to find. Dodik is currently in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban observing Serbia’s latest military exercises and stated that the “Serbian army is ready to defend Serb people wherever they are!” Godspeed Dodik!

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks

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