Globalists OUSTED in Latest European Elections!

Christians and patriots are raucously celebrating all over the small balkan nation of Montenegro as globalist dictator, wannabe EU technocrat, and persecutor of Christian Milo Dukanovic was finally ousted from the Presidency after over 30 years in power! Dukanovic and his Democratic Party of Socialists oversaw the fake referendum that saw Montenegro break from Serbia and has been pushing for Montenegro’s entry into the EU. He was a staunch supporter of Montenegro’s entry into NATO in 2017 (the NORTH ATLANTIC Treaty Organization surely needs outposts on the Aegean Sea) and in 2019/2020 attempted to do in Montenegro what Zelensky is currently doing to the Church in Ukraine.

Dukanovic lost by large margins receiving just over 41% of the vote while politician newcomer Jakov Milatovic took home almost 59% of the vote. In 2020 Dukanovic’s Party failed to form a ruling coalition in the country’s parliament which rendered his dictatorial rule and attempt to confiscate church property less potent. Dukanovic had attempted to pass and enforce legislation which would have confiscated the property of the canonical Serbian Orthodox Church and handed it over to a tiny, fake church created with the help of EU globalists to stand against the traditional local Church. Over half of the entire nation of 600,000 people showed up in massive protests that ultimately led to the Dukanovic coalition failing. Glory to God!

Finland also saw another globalist icon fall as their club enjoying Prime Minister Sana Marin lost to what will likely become a large center right coalition with a populist right party! While unfortunately Finland’s accession into NATO is already a done deal and will be finalized this week, this new government will be noticeably less woke and definitely less of a national embarrassment than Marin who seemed more interested in clubbing than governing. While the likely new Prime Minister won’t be bringing Finland away from NATO any time soon, at least there will be notably less obnoxious feminism.

Trust in EU officials and national government is at an all time low in Europe (much less in countries like Italy with right wing governments) and since COVID, the Ukraine crisis, and the blatant destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines by the United States, large percentages of Europeans see their leaders as nothing more than puppets of the globalists in DC. Germans widely feel that Olaf Scholz, the green energy loving PM, knows and has simply chosen to ignore the destruction of Nord Stream 2. Olaf Scholz is ignoring an international act of terrorism committed against the German people. Is it any wonder populism is rising all across the continent?

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks