Zelensky CRUMBLING as Russia Wins!

Dr. Steve discusses the ongoing War in Ukraine and how slowly but surely Russia is destroying Zelensky and the NATO army with TurleyTalks Staff Writer Conrad Franz!

-Russia is winning in Ukraine despite NATO pouring everything in

-The multipolar world is up and running

-It is only a matter of time at this point for Zelensky

Conrad: That, of course, brings us to Ukraine and Russia and everything going on there. And this is breaking news, you know, this may develop by the time that this is uploaded, but the Ukrainians started sending drones and bombing the outskirts of suburban Moscow. And the US seems to not be so cool with this, but the Brits ARE cool with it. So it kind of shows you the breakdown of how crazy some of these factions on the NATO side are. But we’re finally seeing Putin in maybe the slowest, most frustrating way possible for Russian nationalists at least, taking the gloves off. And finally starting to strike some of these decision making centers in Ukraine. My personal prediction is that, at the end of all of this, the best Ukraine can hope for is all of the land west of the Dnieper not including the Black Sea. That’s my prediction. I’m wondering if you see anything other than the near future.

Dr. Steve: I agree 1000%. I share that assessment entirely. And I know, it’s frustrating, we’re all frustrated, but it seems at least when I avail ourselves of people like McGregor or Ritter or so forth, that that is the price of following so closely the Russian military reliance on the Clausewitzian strategy of just slowly but surely grinding down the military capabilities of your opponent to absolute dust. So it’s quite different, I mean, we’re all you and are both raised on shock and awe military tactics meant to shock and send the enemy running.

Conrad: We all saw the bombs over Baghdad…

Dr. Steve: Right, exactly, clear the strategic area as quickly as possible, minimize any kind of combatant casualties on your side, and then occupy until you put your puppet regime in that does the bidding of the US State Department. And we found that the problem with that is it just doesn’t work. I mean, especially with Afghanistan, your enemy combatants just simply regroup. They reconstitute in a safe environment in Pakistan. And because we in the West are suffering, if we can close the loop here, because we’re suffering from a secularized inflicted demographic bludgeoning, they just wait us out. The average age of your typical Afghan is 18. The average age of your typical American male is 38, your typical British males 40. They just waited us out. So demographics is destiny in that sense. So the Clausewitzian strategy is to slowly, methodically, unrelentingly grind down the military of your opponent into dust. And when you’re dealing with the Ukrainian military, you’re dealing with what was (I don’t think you can say is anymore) but what was by far the single most powerful military in the whole of the European continent. I think it was Scott Ritter who said that if Ukrainian forces wanted to, they could have invaded and taken over the whole of Europe. There would not have been any standalone army to have stopped them. That’s what Russia has been grinding down into dust over the last 18 months. But now with NATO artificially propping up the Ukrainian military, which is now entirely a NATO military, right, NATO weapons, NATO funding NATO intelligence, I think, to a certain extent even NATO command, the Russian forces will not allow much of what still constitutes Ukraine to exist anymore. NATO did what Russia said you’re not allowed to do. They turned Ukraine into a de facto NATO nation. And so strategically speaking, I think you’re right, anything east of Dnieper and going all the way to Odessa around the Black Sea, I just cannot imagine Russia taking anything less than that. And then if they take Odessa, then that gets into the whole Transnistrian mess that you were warning us about a year ago, which is very interesting.

Conrad: So true, people always forget that military principle that they’re working by, and people need to think of just why Putin and Russia might be willing to even take political hits to maintain that strategy. And it’s because they know that the ultimate goal of a large faction of those in the US State Department is the dismantling of Russia. And they know that they’re not being communicated with properly by the West, and that if they do something a certain way, the West will spin it to then justify a literal war against Russia. So they’re being very careful to maintain this back and forth…it’s a very strategic thing. And I think as well, people need to remember that Russia, ultimately, was never super interested in actually governing the majority of Ukraine, they were very happy for it to just be a neutral satellite state. A big part of when they decide to take this territory has to do with when they think enough of the population there has had enough with the regime in Kiev. Because we know the goal of the United States on the longest term, and this is from the State Department, is to wage a guerrilla conflict within an entirely occupied Ukraine, to use that as a catalyst for political instability in Russia. And Russia doesn’t want to do that. Russia doesn’t want to occupy a territory and wage a guerrilla conflict. And so that’s why this is going to go slower than people want because even in places like Kharkov…they’re gonna need to do a lot of work before they’re officially integrated into Russia to prevent basically just integrating a bunch of terrorists into your borders, because that’s the game that the US is going to play.

Dr. Steve: Yeah I agree. And we have to keep in mind, as far as Russia is concerned, they have fully decoupled from the Western, liberal globalist order. They live right now, effectively, in a post globalist, Neo-traditionalized world. They live quite comfortably in that world, with China, with India, with Iran, all the OPEC nations, Turkey for now, sub-Saharan Africa. What Ted Cruz was advocating with Uganda is only going to further drive them into the arms of Russia. I mean there’s no way around it. Lula’s Brazil, they’re continuing along that trajectory as well, the BRICs. So as far as they’re concerned, the liberal globalist world order just doesn’t exist anymore. So they’re playing out this military conflict in a way that keeps China happy, so that China doesn’t get nervous about them if they were to just go all ape on Ukraine. I can see China getting very, very nervous saying well, we still have plenty of plates in the globalist world order that we plan to basically recalibrate around Beijing anyway but you know, we’d appreciate it if you don’t embarrass us that way. Or India, they don’t want to lose India. India has been playing off east and west pretty effectively to their own geopolitical advantage. A lot of people don’t realize how Russia has, over the last 30 years, had to learn to abide by what we call more broadly, the international order. And the International is not this rules based order the United States gets to impose upon everyone else, it is this Eurasian geopolitical order that Russia has to be very, very respectful of lest they end up having China, India, the Middle East, etc. turn their backs on them. So they’re always trying to keep those nations and the powers that be happy. And then also pursue their own political interests in the process. And that balancing act is really frankly, one of Putin’s geniuses. Medvedev was very good at it as well, Yeltsin was just drunk all the time. So I just think people have to realize, I mean, as far as Putin is concerned, he’s in this for the long haul. He’s like a chess master, the end result is already done, we already know how this is gonna play out, we already know how this is going to end. It’s just all a matter of playing itself out in such a way that keeps China, India, Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa, Brazil happy. Venezuela be happy no matter what. But as long as they’re all happy, as long as even Japan wants to continue to buy our oil, then we’re going to continue with the status quo. And the end result will be the Ukrainian army turned to dust.

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