World Economic Forum Faces Collapse Over Global Elite Chaos!

The global elites are panicking as the World Economic Forum faces collapse; that’s not mere wishful thinking, even the liberal New York Times is admitting it! We are going to explore three reasons why the Demons at Davos are disappearing and the global elite are scrambling; you’re not going to want to miss this.

– Global Elites Face Humiliation as World Turns Against Davos Meeting.

– as New Political Order Rises, Threatening World Economic Forum’s Influence.

– BRICS Bloc Emerges as Powerful Economic Center, Bypassing WEF’s Agenda.

Since its founding in 1971, the World Economic Forum has been known for its controversial agenda which recently climaxed in the now infamous “Great Reset.” And yet, something humiliating happened at their last meeting in Davos in January. The world began to noticeably turn on them. Elon Musk referred to the WEF gathering as ‘Satanic.’ Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Canada’s Conservative Leader Pierre Poliev openly excoriated the gathering. Public intellectual Jordan Peterson blasted Davos as apocalyptic.

The public pressure was so intense that there was virtually no reference to their ‘Great Reset’ framing at Davis this year. The gathering was a disaster, with billionaire elites drinking champagne in a luxurious Swiss resort while most Europeans were suffering amid a cost-of-living crisis. Those optics fails alone explain why so many world leaders opted not to attend Davos. Something far deeper is happening than mere optics. Even The New York Times is recognizing the world is changing in a way that threatens to bring to an end the very existence of the WEF itself. The WEF, according to the New York Times, is losing its relevance and influence and its power to direct and dictate political and economic life around the world. There appears little the Demons in Davos can do to stop it.

Pundits are recognizing that we are seeing a new worldwide political order rising in our midst that is inherently hostile to the goals of the WEF. China is fast rising into a major world power. At the same time, Russia has actively decoupled itself from the West, creating its parallel world which scholars are increasingly calling a civilization state. Both Russia and China are actively engaging and reawakening their ancient imperial civilizational spheres together in such a way that is in turn reawakening a multi-polar world.

This multi-polar world is reconfiguring around a new economic center known as BRICS, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the five foundational nations that have formed a new and powerful economic bloc; since its formation in the 2000s. The economic bloc has grown exponentially, with dozens of countries seeking to join. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Argentina, Mexico, and Nigeria are all lining up and applying for membership.

As a result, this new economic bloc is providing the global platform for new bilateral trade agreements and financial activities that deliberately bypass the WEF’s vision of world order. The second factor leading to the WEF’s demise is the widely acknowledged disaster of the Covid lockdowns. Even avowed liberals like Bill Maher and Piers Morgan have admitted that the government’s covid response was reprehensible, with disastrous social effects that will continue with us for years. We now know, thanks to the Twitter files, that the Biden administration, Deep State agencies like the FBI and the CDC, and Twitter deliberately censored “anti-vaxxer accounts.”

We now know based on internal emails that have been made available to the public that Anthony Fauci actively sought to silence, discredit, and shut down the “Barrington proposal,” which was a declaration signed by several notable scientists in the States and Britain calling for an end to the lockdowns. Instead of the Barrington proposal, Fauci and others deliberately implemented a national lockdown modeled after China’s draconian response.

As a result of that now widely recognized disaster, the social credit system that the WEF wants to implement throughout the West to comply with its ESG guidelines is increasingly being met with staunch resistance, most especially from the likes of public intellectuals like Jordan Peterson! But it’s not just the West. In Sri Lanka several years ago, their new president dove head first into the WEF and imposed a radical green policy on their nation. Leaders wanted Sri Lanka to be the world’s first completely organic country; they banned any kind of chemical in their fertilizer, they implemented all kinds of green-inspired restrictions in their food production, and it didn’t take long for the obvious result to become clear. Their food production collapsed and the nation descended to the brink of starvation and political chaos. The world increasingly wants little to do with the radically restrictive and tyrannical policies of the Demons at Davos.

The third factor leading to the WEF’s demise is the loss of confidence in central banks. The WEF and central banks are currently collaborating on instituting digital currencies as part of the WEF’s platform of collaboration between central banks, policymakers, and stakeholders. But again, as we saw in Sri Lanka, confidence in central banks is eroding everywhere within the WEF’s sphere of influence, significantly hampering that influence.

These rise of inflation along with the related current banking crisis are both contributing to what scholars call a crisis of legitimacy where populations increasingly no longer trust the central banks and their centralized cooperative platforms like the WEF. Whether it’s a new multi-polar world, a disastrous covid lockdown, or an ongoing financial and cost of living crisis, the world is officially turning away from the people at Davos. Klaus Schwab, the head of the WEF, is admitting this.

In 2017, shortly after Trump was elected president and the Brexit referendum passed to emancipate Britain from the EU, Klaus Schwab admitted that the globalist world order, the liberal international order, that the WEF helped orchestrate and manage was completely unraveling. He has since been warning his fellow globalists that they’re going to have to reimagine globalization in such a way that will be more palatable for a far more nationalist, populist, and civilizational world. Given those civilizational and economic trends, it looks increasingly likely that the rise of this new world will make no room for the likes of the WEF at all!

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