WOKE US Women’s Soccer Team IMPLODES!!!

The ultra-leftist, woke anti-American disgrace Megan Rapinoe just ended her career by missing a penalty kick that eliminated the US Women’s soccer team from the World Cup, the earliest exit in their team’s history.

– USA women’s soccer team lost a playoff match due to fail by woke Megan Rapinoe!

– Rapinoe believes trans women should be able to play in women’s sports despite the recent humiliating defeat to a 15-year-old boys’ soccer team.

– Rapinoe also claimed that her favorite memory from participating in the Women’s soccer league was “changing the world,” despite her humiliating lack of influence and skill that lost the playoffs game!

The US women’s soccer team, which has a history of woke antics led by the ultra-woke Megan Rapinoe, lost to Sweden over the weekend, officially exiting this year’s World Cup tournament. President Trump weighed in on the embarrassing loss, saying, ‘The shocking and totally unexpected loss by the US Women’s Soccer Team to Sweden is fully emblematic of what is happening to our once great Nation under Crooked Joe Biden. Many of our players were openly hostile to America. No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close. Woke equals failure! Nice shot, Megan! The USA is going to hell! MAGA!’ Megan Rapinoe remained woke to the end.

She portrayed herself as an utterly narcissistic sycophant, saying, ‘My favorite memory of playing soccer was when I changed the world!’ The favorite memory of many was the demonstration of her economic illiteracy for all the world to see.

What she said was nonsense. Professional athletes are not paid for their actual work as no one is. No one is paid for their actual work, we are all paid in accordance with the value that we bring to others. Whether Rapinoe likes it or not, men’s soccer is significantly more popular and therefore brings more value to people’s lives. More people are willing to pay money to watch men’s soccer than there are to watch women’s soccer, and this Women’s World Cup proves it. The international soccer federation had to give away tickets to get people to come to the games. They gave away 20,000 free tickets because of their slumping ticket sales. They were SO desperate for people in the seats that the Women’s World Cup gave tens of thousands of tickets away for free because that was the only way they would have an audience. And the ultra-woke narcissist Rapinoe is whining about equal pay!

This insufferable leftist has hardly made her ultra-woke opinions secret. Rapinoe recently openly endorsed the idea of including biological men on the U.S. women’s national soccer team and in women’s sports in general. She argued that “trans women are real women.” She dismissed national legislation aimed at barring men from competing in women’s sports as “bull***t.” Rapinoe claims that concerns about transgender athletes in women’s sports are unfounded and accuses those who question transgender ideology of contributing to violence against transgender individuals.

Many are pointing out how bizarre those comments were given that Rapinoe was subject to a humiliating defeat to boys in an under-15 league. They played an exhibition match with the US professional women’s soccer team. The women were reportedly preparing for a match with Russia when they agreed to play the DC Dallas Under 15 boys team, and they were summarily crushed 5 to 2. The US Women’s soccer team was crushed 5 to 2 by a bunch of adolescent boys! Rapinoe was reportedly playing in that match, and she has the gall to say that concerns about biological men competing with women are unfounded.

So as you can see, Rapinoe may think she’s changing the world, but all she’s doing is demonstrating what an unthinking woke moron she is. So long to Megan, for tens of millions of Americans you will not be missed.

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