Woke Superintendent Kicked Out of School Board Meeting!

You won’t believe what’s happening in the Chino Valley school district! Patriot parents have taken over the school board and kicked out their woke state superintendent from their meeting. We are going to see this amazing development in Southern California, how the woke left is trying to stop them, and how patriot parents are effectively fighting back!

– Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, led by Pastor Jack Hibbs, has played a key role in the Chino Valley, California, school board’s shift towards aligning with parents’ values.

– The patriot-dominated school board passed a resolution requiring schools to notify parents if their child changes their gender identity in the classroom.

– The California attorney general is suing the school board, highlighting the difference in values between the political elites and the people.

Chino Valley, California is home to one of the most politically active mega-churches in the nation, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, led by patriot pastor Jack Hibbs. Over the last couple of years, the church has spearheaded a takeover of their county public school board which is effectively turning the schools throughout the county back in alignment with the values of the majority of parents. For example, one of the resolutions that were just passed overwhelmingly by the patriot-dominated school board requires schools to notify parents if their child has changed their gender identity in the classroom. This is how parents reacted when the new Christian Patriot-dominated school board voted to pass the pro-parent resolution:

This is a school board that represents the majority of parents in Chino Valley, however, the woke left is not interested in school boards representing parents. The ultra-woke California Attorney General is suing the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education over this policy they have just voted to implement requiring schools to inform parents if there’s a change in their child’s gender identification. The leadership of the state of California has been so overrun by lunatics that they now believe a school district should be sued for requiring schools to inform parents of their child’s changed gender identity. The lunatics in the legacy media of course parrot this absurdity. KTLA is openly calling the school board’s resolution to inform parents, ‘controversial!’ Here’s how school board president Sonja Shaw is responding:

So, as you can see, these patriot parents are not backing down at all. Legal experts are saying that this woke Attorney General has no case. There is nothing close to being against the law in requiring schools to inform parents of their child’s behavior. The fact that the state considered intervening here again shows the massive gap in values that exists between the people and the permanent political class. In many ways, this is a harbinger of what’s coming all across the nation. Massive evangelical mega-churches are rising and pushing back more against what they perceive as absolute wickedness from our political elite. What we are seeing in Chino Valley is just the beginning!

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