WOKE School Tries to BAN Patriot Flag!

Our nation is officially being run by absolute lunatics. A young fellow named Jaiden who is reportedly 12 years old attends the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs. Jaiden’s backpack shows the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ symbol, which is traditionally known as the Gadsden Flag Patch! At the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs, according to this administrator, it is a symbol of ‘racism.’

– Cultural Marxism seeks to destroy Western civilization due to its Christian and traditional values, pushing for a social and cultural revolution.

– Civic virtue is crucial for freedom and self-governance, tied to faith and classical virtues, forming the Triangle of Freedom, as explained by Os Guinness.

– The case of Jaiden exemplifies the continuation of the Republic’s values and virtues, upheld by young individuals like him.

This is exactly what cultural Marxism is. Its practitioners have always advocated the destruction of Western civilization, which they see as incurably Christian and traditionalist and therefore stands in the way of their social and cultural revolution. Our traditions are now, according to cultural Marxists, the epitome of evil and they are to be derided, impugned, and scorned whereas everything woke and leftist is to be celebrated and championed. If one refuses to do so, they must be canceled. That is what is taught in our schools today that have been taken over by the lunatic left woke activists disguised as educators.

We have an update on the latest with Jaiden. He is not backing down. His mom is fully behind him for standing up for what he believes, which is also what our forefathers stood up for. Jaiden reportedly attended school today completely undeterred. Apparently, nobody said anything about his patch because it looks like several community members in Colorado Springs are rising and letting the school know what they think about their cultural Marxist policies. Last night, the school suddenly canceled its “Back-to-School Night” due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The woke activists disguised as educators are hiding from the parents! Obviously, they can’t hide forever, which is especially the case when you have patriots like Jaiden standing up for faith, family, and freedom in the face of these pathetic and ridiculous woke assaults. The lesson here is that when patriotic communities stand together, the tiny, petulant woke mobs cower and run. Wokeness is the exact opposite of courage because courage is a classical, traditional Western virtue and wokeness hates all Western virtues.

All of our founding fathers believed that civic virtue was indispensable to freedom because only self-governing people could be truly free, and to be self-governing, we had to cultivate a sense of virtue. To cultivate virtue, one has to have a faith tradition which is the timeless source of the classical virtues. The only way you can have true faith is if you have freedom, it can’t be imposed upon you from above, but to have true freedom you have to have civic virtue. This requires faith, which requires freedom, which requires virtue. There is an interlocking pattern here. This is what Os Guinness refers to as the Triangle of Freedom. True freedom requires virtue, which requires religious faith, which requires freedom. This Triangle of Freedom is an interconnected whole where every part implies the others. The Golden Triangle of Freedom is the true bedrock of our Republic. With 12-year-olds like Jaiden, it looks like our Republic will continue to be in good hands!

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