Woke Portland IMPLODES as Many Counties Seek Exit!

Another county in Oregon has voted to secede from their state, making now a dozen counties rising and rebelling against imploding woke Portland! And they’re hardly the last! An amazing movement of patriots is taking their state by storm, and it has their woke liberal politicians petrified!

– Disturbing footage emerges of Portland’s decline

– Half of Oregon’s counties are preparing to secede and join Idaho

– More counties are rebelling against the liberal rule, causing panic among left-wing liberals and prompting calls for rural concerns to be included in decision-making.

Video footage is emerging of disturbing scenes from the city of Portland, Oregon. This city is in serious decline. Some of the most serious issues facing Portland are public drug abuse, addicts passed out on the sidewalks or wandering the streets, homeless tent encampments everywhere, litter across streets, and rampant mental illness.

Once considered one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the entire nation, Portland, through years of liberal Democrat rule, has become a wasteland. Counties surrounding the city have begun to openly rebel against this insane liberal lawlessness and take matters into their own hands. On Tuesday, residents of Wallowa County in eastern Oregon came out in mass and voted to become the 12th Oregon County to secede from the state and join their neighboring red-state Idaho. This is now being dubbed the Greater Idaho movement. Several more counties are scheduled to hold similar votes soon.

About half of Oregon’s counties are preparing to secede from their state and join deep-red Idaho. Commentators have noted that if this secession were implemented, that would mean ¾ of the landmass of the state of Oregon would be emancipated from the imploding city of Portland, which in turn would make Idaho the third largest state in the union in terms of landmass. The logic that’s animating this secession is simple. In November, Oregon governor Tina Kotek won reelection by nearly 4 points, beating out the Republican Christine Drazan. Losing by 4 points is respectable, but the Oregon Governor election results map shows that the majority of the counties voted red.

Tina Kotek won reelection despite having lost 29 of Oregon’s 36 counties. The Republican candidate lost even though she won over 80% of Oregon’s counties. If Multnomah County were excluded, which is the county containing the imploding city of Portland, the Republican candidate would have won the governorship by 10 points. So over 80% of the regions in Oregon are experiencing intense political disenfranchisement, as they’re being ruled by politicians and policies that they want nothing to do with. They are tired of living under the woke political despotism imposed on them by a single county.

This is like forcing Texans to have to live under a San Francisco regime with no possible recourse to voting them out. It is a de facto dictatorship. More counties are rebelling, and it seems to be working. Left-wing liberals are starting to panic over this. The legacy media in Oregon is beginning to realize that this secession movement has some serious legs, and with many more counties planning on voting to leave, they recognize this could destroy their state. There are now calls by members of the media for urban Oregon to start taking seriously their increasingly leaving rural population. Some of the proposals involve bringing back a rural policy office to ensure that rural concerns are fully included in political decision-making.

Oregon once had an Office of Rural Policy and a Rural Advisory Committee, but it was gutted by the Democrats in power. These desperate proposals just further underscore how distant blue America is from red America. While blue America implodes under the weight of its woke absurdities, red America is growing and thriving in population and economic enrichment. The 20th century favored the states of blue America, whereas the 21st century is turning solidly in favor of the states that comprise red America.

Deep-red counties inside blue states simply don’t want to have anything to do with depleting and imploding politics. Red states are beginning to take a movement like this seriously. The Idaho legislature just voted in favor of a bill that would move the Oregon and Idaho border westward to indeed create a ‘Greater Idaho.’ The bill authorizes Idaho legislators to present a proposal to Oregon politicians about relocating the border to the Cascade Mountain range, which would end up incorporating over 60 percent of Oregon’s land mass into Idaho. The Idaho legislature looks like they’re ready to do this.

bill was just introduced in the Oregon senate that would begin talks with the Idaho legislature on adjusting the border, recognizing that the differences between urban and exurban Oregon are irreconcilable. With the latest referendum passing, one thing is clear: the Greater Idaho movement keeps getting greater.

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