The Mehdi Hasan Show has just been canceled. The ultra-left MSNBC has announced that Hasan’s vitriolic show has been dropped from their lineup, both from the cable-outlet as well as their streaming service!

– The cancellation of “The Mehdi Hasan Show” reflects the internal strife, with MSNBC’s ratings dropping significantly amid the conflict.

– MSNBC reportedly canceled episodes and replaced Muslim anchors during the Israeli-Hamas war fallout.

– A liberal-leftist civil war over pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian stances is affecting MSNBC’s viewership.

This cancellation may be an extension of the fallout from the Israeli-Hamas war. For example, right after the war broke out on October 7th, it was widely reported that three of MSNBC’s Muslims anchors, including Mehdi Hasan, were ‘quietly taken out of the anchor’s chair since Hamas’ attack on Israel!’

According to a report from the news platform Semafor, MSNBC did not air a scheduled Thursday night episode of “The Mehdi Hasan Show.” They dropped a plan for Ayman Mohi-eddine to anchor Joy Reid’s show on Thursday and Friday, and according to reports, Ali Velshi was replaced by another anchor for his weekend shows. Now, when MSNBC executives were confronted on this, they pushed back saying that the removal of three Muslim anchors was all a matter of pure coincidence and had nothing to do with the anchors’ sympathies for Hamas and the Palestinians.

MSNBC, of all imaginable institutions, just canceled voices on the far-left. This is largely because of the civil war that has broken out on the left between pro-Israeli liberals and pro-Palestinian progressives. We saw this civil war break out on MSNBC when the president of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt, went on MSNBC and accused his fellow leftists of having Hamas write their scripts for their evening coverage.

Ever since hostilities broke out in the Middle East, leftists have been taking their fellow leftists to task, either accusing them of siding with Hamas terrorists or Zionist occupiers. Now we have another major development in that liberal leftist civil war. Woke leftists are starting to get canceled! This Mehdi Hasan show, which nobody watched to begin with, is now no more.

The civil war on the left appears to be taking its toll on MSNBC’s ratings. While both Fox News and CNN saw spikes in their ratings after hostilities began in October, MSNBC’s ratings took a nosedive. Forbes is reporting that MSNBC went from an average of nearly 1.5 million primetime viewers in the week of September 25th to just 1 million in the week of October 9th, representing a near 30% drop. Their total-day viewership dropped 20% to just over 700,000 on average.

MSNBC reporters are devout practitioners of advocacy journalism, where more media outlets openly shill for woke partisan politicians and issues, and they then squeeze and manipulate the ‘facts’ into that woke advocacy. Even Fox, with these patently pathetic Republican debates, is finding itself fully in line with advocacy journalism, shilling for Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, and Ron DeSantis. They hide behind the veneer of objective journalism but practice partisan propaganda; and it looks like that is finally catching up with MSNBC. These outlets will only have their own leftwing civil war to blame!

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