Woke Journalist PANICS over COLLAPSE of Liberal Media!

Woke liberals are freaking out over the collapse of the legacy media. Even the legacy media is itself admitting that they have indeed lost their legacy, and we’re going to see precisely how and why the days of the liberal media are indeed coming to a merciful end!

– Legacy media outlets, including the LA Times and Time Magazine, are facing significant layoffs, with over 20,000 jobs slashed in 2023.

– Taylor Lorenz, criticized for doxing anonymous user ‘LibsofTikTok,’ broke down on MSNBC, highlighting the challenges faced by legacy media.

– The legacy media’s collapse is ultimately inevitable due to societal changes and the rise of decentralized digital communication.

The New York Times published an article entitled, ‘The News About the News Business Is Getting Grimmer’ A recent NPR article was titled, ‘A look at the wave of layoffs hitting the news industry.’ Poynter, which is a think tank for journalists, ran this headline: ‘Tuesday was a bleak day for the media industry.’

The LA Times slashed its newsroom by over 20%. It was an absolute bloodbath. DC Draino tweeted out a picture of the LA Times’ newsroom. It was empty. This is what a 20% slash looks like. The LA Times has lost tens of millions of dollars in revenue, probably because of headlines like this: ‘White drivers are polluting the air breathed by LA’s people of color.’ That is a real article from what used to be considered a reputable newspaper.

We can see why the LA Times has collapsed, but it’s not just the LA Times. Time Magazine just laid off 15% of its editorial staff. Business Insider, which is little more than far-left drivel at this point, has slashed 10% of their staff. All told, the legacy media slashed over 20,000 jobs in 2023. It is a bloodbath year for the legacy media. The ultra-woke Taylor Lorenz’s recent meltdown exposes this:

We are getting rid of the legacy media because we want real journalists, not left-wing activists. That woman, Taylor Lorenz, is the one who doxed the owner of the LibsofTikTok account, who does nothing more than simply post what woke libs themselves say and do. She exposes the utter absurdity and frankly, malevolence of liberals, especially when it comes to woke teachers in classrooms. The woke do not like that because of course it sheds light on them and what they are all about, so Lorenz doxed the anonymous owner of Libs of TikTok. She exposed her identity, which the owner intentionally kept hidden. Lorenz even confronted some of the owner’s relatives to ask questions.

Taylor Lorenz broke down in tears on MSNBC while recounting the online harassment that she experienced from all of these mean right-wing trolls, yet she has no problem trying to do the same to other social media influencers. She is just utterly repulsive, but what she is saying there is actually spot on. The legacy media is in a freefall. The world is leaving the legacy media behind regardless of their odious and blatant leftwing globalist bias.

For centuries, the only way we could communicate with one another long distance was through some kind of physical mail system, whether it was a professional delivery system or not. This was the case from ancient times to the 19th century. Long-distance communication was relegated to the transportation of physical messages. With the invention of the telephone, that changed. Then we could have direct access to one another by telecommunications. This replaced the need to transport messages. With the advent of the internet and digital information, we had the rise of email and instant messaging, which, to a very large degree, replaced the postal system. This is basically what’s happening to the legacy media.

The legacy media was founded in the 19th century in an era known as mass society where the industrial revolution calibrated social life around big urban areas. That is where our legacy media comes from such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, CNN Atlanta Building, Washington Post, and LA Times. What we have to understand is that this world of mass society is dying. Instead, it’s being increasingly replaced with a new world of what scholars call the network society that operates by decentralized digital dynamics that render the legacy media largely irrelevant! I’ll say that again.

The legacy media is collapsing because the old world of which they were an inextricable part is being replaced with a new world which scholars call the network society which operates by decentralized digital dynamics that are immediately accessed by the internet. This society is making the legacy media increasingly irrelevant. The digital information that we are sharing right now bypasses the media very much like email or texting bypasses the post office. Taylor Lorenz can whine and complain all she wants, but the fact is that even if the legacy media weren’t liberal, it would still be collapsing.

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