WOKE Bud Light VP Finally AXED As Sales Continue to PLUMMET!!

As you saw, this Bud Light commercial was supposed to be all about evolving. It was about evolving and elevating, and that means inclusivity!

– Bud Light’s marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid and her associate have been fired after their woke marketing campaign featuring Dylan Mulvaney.

– Bud Light’s sales have been tanking since the campaign, and the company is now offering $15 rebates in a desperate attempt to boost sales.

– Bud Light’s woke marketing campaign was a disaster, and many people believe that the company will never recover.

We really get a window into the liberal hivemind here. They go to these universities and get brainwashed with this absurd woke ideology and then destroy everything they touch with it. They do it all in the name of supposedly evolving and elevating. But of course, the joke’s on them. As it turns out, the world is rejecting this woke illusion of evolution and elevation, and Bud Light’s marketing VP, Alissa Heinerscheid, has just learned that lesson the hard way.

It’s being widely reported that she, along with her associate, has officially been fired from Anheuser-Busch for their absolute destruction of the Bud Light brand with their Dylan Mulvaney trans marketing campaign. According to a report from the Daily Caller, Group VP for Marketing Daniel Blake, and Bud Light Marketing VP Alissa Heinerscheid have been fired after initially being placed on leave a few months ago.

This is according to an anonymous source. According to this source, the leave of absence that they were placed on was an effective firing, but it was framed as a leave of absence to avoid the potential for lawsuits. But according to the report, distributors have been assured that Heinerscheid and all those responsible for the disastrous woke marketing campaign are gone for good and are not coming back.

That terminological distinction may be the reason why Bud Light has issued a denial that Heinerscheid has been fired. They’re actually denying this report, affirming that she and her colleague were both on a ‘leave of absence.’ But everyone involved here likely sees what’s going on. Bud Light has clearly dumped this woke marketing executive. There’s no way she’s going to be let back in.

Many wonder if she or her influence was responsible for Bud Light’s recent sponsorship of a pride parade in Toronto, Canada. You would think that would be the last event they sponsored, so it may have fallen through the proverbial cracks. It was a parade that reportedly featured nudity and children, and somehow Bud Light. 

It’s no surprise that their sales continue to tank. Sales were down 28.5% for the week ending June 17 compared to the same period last year, according to data from NielsenIQ. That’s even worse than the 26.8% decline Bud Light suffered last week. Reports are coming in by the boatloads that bars across the nation are either refusing to serve Bud Light or are seeing sales drop dramatically among their customers.

This is happening at the same time that sales for Bud Light’s competitors are through the roof! Yuengling Lager is up 25.1%, Miller Lite is up 16% and Coors Light is up 21.8%. To add insult to injury, Bud Light has been knocked off from the number one spot, which is now occupied by Modelo.

So what’s Bud Light doing in response to all of this besides firing their disastrous marketing VP? Bud Light is now officially so desperate that they’re giving away their beer! For the 4th of July weekend, Bud Light is offering $15 rebates in a desperate attempt at jumpstarting their brand! The bizarre thing here is that they tried this before. They gave away free beer during the Memorial Day weekend, but it didn’t work! Nobody wants it!

People don’t even want it if it’s being given away! We have reports that bartenders are now complaining that no one wants Bud Light anymore at private events! The Daily Mail recently conducted several interviews with bartenders, who of course play a crucial role as the point of sale in the Bud Light distribution chain. According to bartenders, nobody wants Bud Light anymore, especially for their private events. Instead, customers who previously enjoyed Bud Light at their events are now seeking alternatives such as Coors Light, Miller Lite, craft beers, cocktails, and premium spirits.

The bartenders that the Daily Mail interviewed all said that there’s no way Bud Light would rebound from this without acknowledging precisely how much they offended the values of their customers. So from an analytical perspective, we’re seeing here a combination of boycotts and buycotts which are central to the whole notion of consumer politics, where consumers are increasingly voting with their wallets. Boycotts refuse to buy from companies that offend our values, while buycotts are deliberate purchases from companies that defend, or at the very least, refrain from offending our values.

This is what we’re seeing with Modelo. Modelo experienced a remarkable 15% increase in sales, which knocked Bud Light off the top spot! Bud Light has been dethroned as the king of beers as the result of both boycotts and buycotts, the boycotting of its brand, and the buycotting of its competitors. So this woke marketing fiasco was a disaster in every conceivable fashion! Shockingly, it took Bud Light this long to acknowledge that this marketing VP got the boot! But unfortunately for Bud Light, I think it’s all too little too late. Even giving away free beer isn’t going to save this company. They will forever be the textbook case study of the fundamental law of the universe: go woke, go broke!

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