Will Nazi Standing Ovation FINALLY Bring Trudeau Down?

The Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau lead in a standing ovation for a man named Yaroslav Hunka, who fought for the Nazis as an SS soldier. The Canadian parliament publicly honored a Nazi!

– Fallout continues in Canada after the controversy surrounding the inadvertent honoring of a Nazi soldier in the Canadian Parliament.

– Speaker Anthony Rota resigned in connection with the incident, but conservatives demand further accountability, considering Trudeau’s past accusations of Canadians.

– Canadians are moving away from Trudeau and his liberal party, potentially making the Nazi-Gate controversy a significant event that affects his political career.

According to their odiously disgraced prime minister, it’s all Putin’s fault. The fallout from Nazigate continues in Ottawa and throughout the Great White North. Trudeau, who was obviously embarrassed by their supposedly inadvertent honoring of a Nazi soldier, only further humiliated himself with this pathetic attempt at response.

He claims that Canadians need to guard themselves from Russian propaganda and disinformation. Russia Today published a piece titled, ‘Russia Demands Answers after Canadian MPs applaud Ukrainian Nazi!’

The speaker, Anthony Rota, ended up resigning as the sacrificial lamb in all of this. The conservatives in the Canadian parliament are saying that is not enough, especially given the fact that it’s been Justin Trudeau and members of his cabinet who’ve been so quick to label their fellow Canadians as Nazis in the past.

Whether Trudeau likes it or not, the rest of the world is taking notice of how patently absurd he is, here’s Greg Gutfeld on Fox:

Gutfeld reminded Trudeau of his blackface scandal that almost sank his last campaign a couple of years ago. Originally it started with an old photograph from years back that resurfaced that showed Trudeau in a blackface costume, and he apologized and played it down. Then, like with Biden’s classified documents, we kept finding photo after photo of him going full blackface or brownface. Gutfeld is just reminding Trudeau that every time he tries to play the race card or the Nazi card, he always comes out as the most guilty of the very supposed insensitivities he accuses others of.

We are seeing the bizarre woke ritual of projection we are seeing in many aspects of politics. Liberals know that what they are doing is evil. They claim that the punishment necessary to purge that evil has to be inflicted on others, so they project onto others the very sins they are guilty of.

This may be the scandal that finally takes Trudeau out! Trudeau’s poll numbers are plummeting while his conservative opponent, Pierre Poliev’s poll numbers are surging. The legacy media appears to be taking note of Trudeau’s growing unpopularity, and they seem rather shocked to see how fast he has fallen. In 2015, there were liberal governments throughout Canada’s 10 provinces. Today, there remains only one. It appears that Canadians are moving away from Trudeau and Trudeau’s liberal party. This means that this latest Nazi-Gate controversy may finally be the event that knocks him and Canada’s liberals from power. The speaker has already resigned! Let’s keep an eye on whether Trudeau is next!

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