Why Biden Is NOT Running for President in 2024!

More pundits are saying that Biden’s recent behavior shows that he likely will not run again.

– The Democrat establishment received a shock from a TIPP poll showing low support for Biden and Kamala’s 2024 runs.

– Indicators suggest Biden might be a one-term president: his minimal campaign spending, limited travel schedule, and time spent on vacation.

– Kamala’s unpopularity is evident, with signals from sources like the New York Times indicating she may not be a nominee.

The Democrat establishment was recently shocked into reality by a TIPP poll that found that only 22% of respondents said that they wanted Biden to run again. Only 12% wanted Kamala to run in 2024. Joe and Kamala combined didn’t even break 35% support for 2024. It was a shock to the woke left just how unpopular their president was. Now there appear to be several indicators and signals that Biden is going to be a one-and-done president.

The first and perhaps most explicit indicator that Biden is one and done is his virtually non-existent campaign. Politico is reporting that Joe Biden has almost stopped spending on his political campaign. During the second quarter of this year, Biden’s campaign spent a total of $1.1 million. During the same period in his first term, Barack Obama had spent over $11 million, 10x what Biden is spending, and Obama barely got reelected. Biden isn’t raising money anywhere near what Obama raised.

Biden has thus far raised less than half of what Obama did from small donors during a comparable period. To add to all of this, right now Biden only has four people on his campaign payroll. They all work out of his home state of Delaware. No national apparatus or operation is going on. This has many asking, ‘has he given up? Is Biden admitting that he’s not even going to run?’

A second indicator is Biden’s radically limited travel schedule. Biden skipped the all-important Iowa State Fair in preparation for the first presidential caucus, and instead, he traveled to Utah, which is a solid red state he has no chance of winning! This is indicating that he’s simply not serious about campaigning. Even his recent trip to Arizona where he talked about the Grand Canyon being supposedly one of the nine wonders of the world did him no good in expanding his political base there because his land grab measure is extremely polarizing among Arizona residents. The rest of the time, he’s either sleeping in the White House, calling a lid at 11 am, or he’s lying on a beach somewhere; spending upwards of 40% of his presidency on vacation. Again, there’s very little indication that he’s taking 2024 seriously.

A third major indicator that Biden isn’t running in 2024 is the hiding of Kamala. Many are asking where she is. The only time Kamala seems to surface is when she makes yet another gaffe or tries to make her way through her latest word salad. Biden is very unpopular, but Kamala is even less popular. What seems to be happening here is the loyal leftists at the New York Times are doing their best to signal to Kamala and her potential rivals that they don’t want her on the ticket. Not long ago, the New York Times published a hit piece against Kamala, saying that dozens of Democrats on Capitol Hill and around the nation — including some who helped put her on the party’s 2020 ticket — said she had not risen to the challenge of proving herself as a future leader of the party.

Even some Democrats whom her advisers referred reporters to for supportive quotes confided privately that they had lost hope in her. That is coming from the King of the American Leftwing, the New York Times, and it was a clear signal that whoever the nominee in 2024 is, it can’t be Kamala. They’re admitting that it looks increasingly likely that Joe is not going to be the nominee, but that the nominee should not be Kamala. So, the relativizing of Kamala would be yet another indicator that they’re looking for someone else.

The problem here of course is that you can’t replace a diversity hire like Kamala with a white male like Gavin Newsom of California. That’s not allowed in the world of identity politics that governs the Democrat Party. So this is why Michelle Obama is being floated as a possible replacement, but it doesn’t look like she’s at all interested. Regardless, whether it’s the lack of money and staff and campaign, the bizarre travel schedule bookended by intermittent vacations, or the hiding of his vice president, it doesn’t look like Joe Biden is much of a candidate for 2024.

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