Washington Post Financially COLLAPSES!

The legacy media is flipping out that most Americans are now getting their news from Elon Musk’s X. To add insult to injury, we are now getting word that the Washington Post is financially imploding.

– The Washington Post lost $77 million last year.

– The Executive Editor was fired due to financial losses and audience decline.

– In recent years, people have reduced their reliance on traditional media for news.

There’s a huge blowup going on inside the heart of the legacy media today. Vanity Fair is reporting on Washington Post publisher and CEO William Lewis openly dropping a truth bomb on the whole of the Washington Post’s staff. He told them that the Post has lost their audience and no one is reading them anymore.

He was addressing the fact that the Post lost an astounding $77 million dollars last year while losing half their audience since 2020. This CEO had to have a meeting with writers and staff members to explain why he fired their Executive Editor. She’s getting fired because she’s overseen the paper’s implosion. They’ve lost nearly $100 million and half their readers during her far-left, radical tenure.

The Washington Post, among other legacy media outlets, has tried to sell us that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, that told us that Jussie Smollett was the victim of a race crime, that Brett Kavanaugh was legitimately accused of being a rapist, and that the COVID lab leak theory was nothing but a conspiracy theory. They have peddled propaganda about border agents on horseback whipping migrants, that Trump built cages for migrant kids and recommended that people drink bleach to cure Covid, and the Hunter Biden laptop was nothing more than Russian disinformation!

It’s not just the Washington Post that is experiencing these financial challenges. The ultra-leftist Vice News has officially filed for bankruptcy. Vice was once valued at over $5 billion just a few years ago. NPR has been laying off employees in large quantities. CNN had to vacate their iconic CNN building in downtown Atlanta! CNN has fallen to their lowest prime time viewership since 1991.

Christopher Rufo said it beautifully: “Vice bankrupt. WaPo losing millions. NPR pink-slipping journos. New York Times attacking Kendi. The realignment is happening fast. The George Floyd moment is over.” Rufo gives us a wonderful aerial view on what’s really happening here. The death of the legacy media is all the result of a new social order emerging all around us.

The network society is a new social order rising up that is connected by networks, particularly the internet. One of the key differences between our world and the worlds of the past is that past populations were always limited by virtue of their proximity to one another. We knew each other largely by virtue of our proximate location to one another, and of course that’s still true today. What’s different is that now, through digital networks, we can have relationships that transcend our proximity.

In a network society, digital information is now accessible to everyone. It bypasses the legacy media that once had a monopoly on information. Digital information bypasses the legacy media in a manner comparable to the way email or texting bypasses the post office. The post office is proximate and limited in how it operates, whereas digital networks completely transcend those limitations. This is why the legacy media is collapsing, and they don’t even see it.

We now have direct access to the information that we once had to rely on the news media to mediate to us. The information by virtue of its proximity limitations, first came to them, and then they disseminated that information to us. Those days are over which means their days are over! And the Washington Post is learning that the hard way!

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