Walls Are CLOSING IN on Biden!

The walls are starting to close in on Biden. The Democrats are starting to panic. We are going to see the latest on why the Democrats and the legacy media are circling the wagons and why things are about to get a whole lot worse.

– Tony Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight Committee, calling out Democrats for their lies and deceit regarding his involvement in emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

– Bobulinski’s testimony corroborated evidence from emails and photos on the laptop, implicating Joe Biden in dealings with a Chinese energy company.

– Despite the evidence, the legacy media continues to downplay the accusations against Biden while giving attention to unsubstantiated claims from Democrat figures like Christine Blasey Ford.

Star witness Tony Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight Committee yesterday. He called out the Democrats for their lies and their deceit right to their pathetic faces:

That was the vile Jamie Raskin, appealing to order and decorum. He is conspiring on desperately trying to kick Trump off the ballot in all 50 states. Bobulinski called him a liar right to his face. Bobulinski was implicated in that email on Hunter Biden’s laptop that divided up the returns from a Chinese energy company called CEFC. The email designated 20% for H (Hunter), 20% for RW (Rob Walker, another business partner of Hunter’s), 20% for JG (James Gilliar, one of Hunter’s business partners), 20% for TB (Tony Bobulinski), 10% for Jim (Sleepy Joe’s brother, Jim Biden), and then of course 10% held by H for “the big guy.” Bobulinski was asked about this:

What Bobulinski said has been corroborated by an investigation by the British Daily Mail. The term ‘Big Guy’ returns a total of 41 hits when searching throughout Hunter’s laptop emails, and those hits clearly show that the codename was being used for Sleepy Joe. He clearly got money from a Chinese energy company called CEFC, and Bobulinski’s eyewitness testimony converges with photos we have of Biden with Hunter’s overseas business partners, which he denied ever meeting.

We have three lines of corroborating evidence: emails, photos, and eyewitness testimony. The legacy media continues to this day to deny that there’s any substantial evidence that Biden did anything wrong. Astonishingly, this same legacy media is once again fawning over the accusations of a Democrat darling who has never produced a shred of evidence for any of her claims and they’re so desperate to try to revive Biden’s fledgling campaign, that they are bringing her back.

The Democrats are so desperate, they’re once again wheeling out Christine Blasey Ford. Ford tried to derail the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings by accusing him of sexual assault, and she is the darling of the legacy media. The fundamental flaw of Ford’s accusations is that she has yet, even to this day, to produce any shred of evidence whatsoever that she and Kavanaugh ever even met. Kavanaugh denied ever knowing her, meeting her, or having any contact with her, and she has never produced even the slightest semblance of evidence to the contrary. That’s pretty devastating to your case; if you can’t even establish that the two of you have ever met or have ever remotely been in physical proximity to one another.

We see a radical double standard here when it comes to Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, who was most certainly in his proximity on several occasions as his congressional aide, working in his office from 1992 to 1993. She went on to work on behalf of sexual abuse victims. Because truth itself has been so radically partisanized by the legacy media, she’s not included in the mantra ‘Believe All Women!’

Biden is losing his base. The New York Times poll that came out at the beginning of the month showed that Trump was beating Biden by four points among likely voters. Biden is hemorrhaging support among women. In 2020, according to exit polls, Biden won women by a margin of 11 points, 55 to 44. According to the New York Times poll, that margin has shrunk to just a single point, 47 to 46! They know they cannot win this election with margins that thin with a traditional Democrat voting constituency. They’re just trying to do what they can to rally the female vote in their favor, and they decided to bring back Christine Blasey Ford of all people to try to rally women back to Biden’s side. Thus far it’s been an embarrassing failure, which means that the Democrats are only going to get all the more desperate!

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