Veterans TORCH Our Woke Military!

I recently had a great discussion with Dr. Steve about growing multipolarity around the world and the unfortunate state of our modern woke military. As Russia and China build powerful, homogenous militaries united behind a civilizational goal, it becomes difficult to repeat the tired lines of total US military superiority parroted in DC as our diverse military goes woke and fails to meet basic recruitment goals. What astounded us as well, however, were the hundreds of comments from the veterans in our audience sharing their candid thoughts on the current armed forces of the USA. Watch the video HERE:

The US Military is not in a good place. Despite the fact that our empire is entrenched in hundreds of overseas bases across the map and is currently managing dozens of conflicts around the world through our proxies (some hot some less so), we are falling short in some of our most important metrics of basic military functionality. In 2022 the Army fell 25% (or 15,000 soldiers) short of its recruitment goals. The Air Force is projected to experience a similar 10% shortfall, totally missing the goals it supposedly needs for combat readiness. In general, every branch is struggling. And this doesn’t take into account the woke-ification of the military under the leadership of Mark Milley, as well as the fact that more and more of our forces are women and foreigners. Many openly discuss the military as more of a welfare program than a fighting force and honorable institution. Here are a few comments from the video we found relevant:

“I very much doubt that the woke generals and admirals in charge could lead our troops to fight a wet cat much less a war right now.” -Faded Tiger

“I am ashamed to have served in the military to see where it has gone. It is a joke and a blatant disrespect to those that actually served.” -Going off Grid in AZ

“As a military vet . Mexican military would be a formidable threat to all 6 branches of our WOKE military combined” -LL

“As a vet myself and a student of military history the idea that the army is pushing about diversity being our strength is largely absurd. What we have now would be akin to 10% of the Spartans sympathizing with the Persians, another 20% not believing in a glorious death and thus being more susceptible to desertion, 10% made non deployable due to medical issues (like needing hormones that require refrigeration), and only 20% being truly dedicated to Sparta and their idea of an afterlife. As we just saw with American mercenaries defecting from Ukraine to Russia diversity of goals brings division. That is why the JCOS admitted last month that the American military is projected to be incapable of winning a war in ANY theater of operation.” -Nemo ex Nuqual

“I served in Iraq in 2007-2008 and the only thing I was concerned about was whether I was gonna come back home and not worry about pronouns. I have no confidence in the current status of our military because the leaders at top is more concerned about pronouns than actually training them for the next war.” -Anthony Martin

There are even darker problems within the ranks of our military as well. In the past two years deaths, suicides, and murders on US military bases have been rapidly increasing. Fort Hood was singled out due to its dramatic numbers increase but strange, violent, and often criminal happenings on base were becoming regular headlines. At Fort Hood alone 11 of the deaths in 2020 are still unresolved and have not been explained. While in many cases some of these more recent deaths post 2021 are likely due to the military vaccine mandates and the amount of soldiers who were forced/pressured into taking the clot shot, others are clearly linked to increased criminality like drug trafficking, prostitution, and other illicit activity within the armed forces. While the globalists in DC who want us to be the worlds woke policemen are deluded of their own grandeur, more sober minds are speaking out. Col. Douglas Macregor has been sounding the alarm, saying that our leadership knows we actually can’t easily handle Russia in a direct confrontation on the ground. And as China and Russia continue to align at a rapid pace the US and its weakened vassals in Europe and Asia will be no match for the Eurasian landmass. Many patriotic Americans will of course bemoan the fall of our once illustrious military but ultimately ones fighting force is a reflection of the society itself. For our military to reform order, Godliness, and truth must be restored to America. Until then the current regime will continue to woke-ify its shock troops for its nefarious world purposes.

As you can see, however, veterans are seeing this and taking matters into their own hands! See Dr. Steve’s report on Veterans and Patriot Militiamen ENTERING MEXICO to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking:

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer for TurleyTalks