US Women’s Soccer Team CRUSHED by 14 Year Olds!

THAT kind of slaughter would be bad enough, but it gets worse, watch what a bunch of teenage boys did to the US Women’s Soccer Team:

-The woke ladies of the US soccer team got CRUSHED by 13 and 14 year olds

-And they have the audacity to ask to be paid the same as the top male athletes

-They can’t even fill a stadium!

These are U15 boys, that’s under 15, playing an exhibition match with none other than the US professional women’s soccer team, the women were reportedly preparing for a match with Russia when they agreed to play the DC Dallas Under 15 boys team, and they were summarily crushed 5 to 2! The US Women’s soccer team was crushed 5 to 2 by a bunch of adolescent boys! Now I bring this up because it’s being widely reported that FIFA, the international soccer federation, is offering 20,000 free tickets for the Women’s World Cup games in New Zealand due to concerns over slumping ticket sales. They are actually, I kid you not, so desperate for buts in the seats that the Women’s World Cup is actually giving tens of thousands of tickets away absolutely free, just please, don’t embarrass us on international television, please, we’ll pay you to sit there, we’ll give you free food and drink, anything, ANYTHING, just please we need people in the seats AND NO ONE’s coming!

And of course they’re not coming! Why would they, after what you just saw?!? No one watches women’s soccer, I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone out there, don’t make me go all Bill Burr on you, but nobody watches this! And yet, despite that, we still have woke idiocy like this:

Now that of course is the insufferable Megan Rapinoe, a very outspoken leftist. She’s hardly made her ultra woke opinions secret; she recently openly endorsed the idea of including biological men on the U.S. women’s national soccer team and in women’s sports in general. She argued that “trans women are real women”, whatever that means. I’m still waiting to hear a coherent definition of this term ‘woman’ the woke left keeps using, and she dismissed national legislation aimed at barring men from competing in women’s sports as quote:”bull***t.” Rapinoe claims that concerns about transgender athletes in women’s sports are unfounded and accuses those who question transgender ideology of contributing to violence against transgender individuals.

Now, many are pointing out how frankly bizarre those comments were given that Rapinoe herself was subject to that humiliating beating by boys; forget men! Boys, under 15, crushed the US women’s soccer team, she knows this, and yet, she proceeds to spout these absurdities! But now, with the latest news that FIFA is actually having to give away tickets for the Women’s World Cup, the economic REALITY if precisely WHY women are paid less is staring RapEEnoe and a whole host of woke grievance activists straight in the face! You’re going to love this!

As you saw, for some reason, Megan Rapinoe decided she wanted to dress up and play economist, and so, she went on a highly publicized crusade applauded and cheered by the legacy media decrying the sexist policies of the US soccer league for paying male athletes more than women athletes. You saw, for example, how NBC News shilled for Rapinoe:

But as a number of observers pointed out, the whole fallacy in Rapinoe’s argument, and NBC’s promotion, is that professional athletes aren’t paid for their actual work; in fact, NO professional is paid for their actual work; we are ALL paid in accordance with the value that we bring to others! And whether Rapinoe likes it or not, men’s soccer is significantly more popular and therefore brings more value to people’s lives! Simply put, there are more people willing to pay big money to watch men’s soccer than there are to watch women’s soccer! They don’t have to give away 20 thousand tickets just to fill seats at the men’s World Cup! And you want to know the most delicious irony in this? Even Megan Rapinoe recognizes that! Check it out:

Buy tickets and merch! That’s HOW you can help equalize our pay! Go out and get more people to buy tickets and merch! This is the absurdity of wokeness; she’s literally undercutting her very argument that unequal pay is the result of sexist soccer league policies! And she doesn’t even realize it!

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