Unveiling the Truth Behind Weight Loss Drugs

Big Pharma is still fighting to keep us hooked. Eli Lilly is a drug company that produces all kinds of medications. Mounjaro is a medication for diabetes that is now being used for weight loss. It is among their top-selling medications. They do not just push these meds, they are now trying to use marketing schemes that bypass your doctor. According to a report by NBC News, Lilly CEO David Ricks said that they are pushing the notion of shipping these drugs directly to patients via telehealth visits.

– With obesity prevalent in America, there’s a concern that Big Pharma seeks to profit from weight loss supplements or drugs rather than addressing root health issues.

– While medical freedom is crucial, bypassing doctors to receive drugs upon request raises safety concerns and may prioritize profit over patient well-being.

– Dr. Sarah Doyle offers free resources for individuals seeking information and support for a healthy lifestyle.

Medical freedom is very important, but this scheme to bypass doctors and send drugs upon request to patients seems to be a money grab by this company with no regard for the safety of patients. Obesity is a prevalent concern in America. 40% of adults in this country are obese, so we should not be surprised to see Big Pharma trying to get their hands on this and try to profit off of this. By making us dependent on weight loss supplements or drugs, we would become dependent on them.

It seems like they are trying to enslave 40% of the population to be dependent on Big Pharma rather than just helping people get to the root of their health concerns. Dr. Sarah Doyle is a certified functional medical practitioner who has offered insight into this issue. She argues that losing weight when someone is overweight is one of the best ways to prevent disease and illness. A patient needs to understand the benefits and risks associated with taking this medication since a doctor who has all of your medical history would not be the one reviewing this medication for your use.

These drugs have uncomfortable side effects like fatigue, difficulty building muscle mass, and nausea. Additionally, the effects of these drugs are hard to maintain. The solutions that Big Pharma and mega-corporations try to package to us are not trustworthy and do not have our best interests at heart. It is important to be informed about the nefarious ideologies that Big Pharma often has and not circumvent helpful, trusted professionals who have proven to have similar values as us and do not want us to be dependent on Big Pharma drugs. Dr. Sarah Doyle has free resources available for everyone who may be looking for more information or to get started with a healthy plan for their life!

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