Undecided Voters Trending toward TRUMP!!!

The ultra-woke leftists at MSNBC are in a total meltdown over what undecided voters are saying about Bumblin’ Biden and Donald Trump!

– Despite efforts by legacy media to portray a thriving economy under Biden, polls show half the population believes his policies have financially harmed them.

– Rising inflation and high prices contribute to Biden’s economic woes.

– Concerns over potential election shenanigans highlight the importance of ensuring a fair and free election process.

The MSNBC correspondent was desperate to try to get this panel to give Biden even the slightest compliment. But it was to no avail, to their credit. They said Biden has been absolutely disastrous for the economy. This is corroborated by countless polls. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 50% of the population believes that Biden’s policies have financially hurt them. This is happening despite the fact that the legacy media like MSNBC has been doing everything they can to try to gaslight the American public into thinking that this is the greatest economy ever in the history of humanity.

The era of the legacy media is over because of the rise of the internet and alternative independent media like this channel, the legacy media no longer has the kind of influence it once did over public opinion! What’s so funny is that the woke activists disguised as journalists still think they have the same influence as Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, and David Brinkley once had. It’s hilarious looking at their reactions when undecided voters fail to parrot back the pro-Biden talking points the legacy media feeds them 24/7.

When that MSNBC correspondent asked that panel ‘How many of you think President Trump’s policies would be better economically for your family,’ every single one of them raised their hands! And it’s no wonder why. A new headline from the New York Post discusses this, ‘Bidenflation up another 3.5 percent, Americans are drowning in high prices.’ Biden is in denial. He is trying to gaslight the country into thinking everything is great. But who are the people going to believe, Biden or their own experiences and the reality of the cost of living they face every day? It’s very clear that Bumbling Biden and his disastrous policies are causing all kinds of financial issues for Americans.

Decision Desk just dropped their latest electoral college prediction for November, and as things stand, Trump is poised to win with 280 electoral votes. This considers Nevada and Michigan going red, in addition to Arizona and Georgia. Interestingly they have Pennsylvania going blue in their projection. Many have faulted that by saying there’s no way Michigan is going to go to the right of Pennsylvania. Rich Baris of the People’s Pundit’s survey and analysis of Michigan voters has found that Michigan has a larger share of non-college grad voters who are overwhelmingly supporting Trump.

So that blue-collar, non-college grad demographic is pulling Michigan way to the right, and we’re seeing it in the polling. Trump’s lead in the polling aggregate is now almost 5 points. The latest Emerson poll in Florida shows that Trump is poised to crush Biden in Florida by double digits. It looks like he will win by 12 or 13 points. The RCP polling average has Trump up nearly 10 points over Biden.

In 2020, it was Trump up by 3! The RCP polling average for the state of Ohio shows Trump up 10 over Biden. Project 538 has him up by an average of 11. The candidate who wins both Ohio and Florida has won every single presidential election since 1860 with two exceptions: 1960 and 2020, the two elections that had the most shenanigans surrounding them. The Democrats are under more pressure than ever to engage in precisely those kinds of shenanigans in 2024, so we have to be vigilant here and make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure a fair and free election because if that’s what we get, it looks more and more likely that Trump is on his way to a second act!

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