Tyson Foods Facing BOYCOTT: Hired MIGRANTS over AMERICANS!

Unfortunately, Tyson Foods is about to find out what happens when tens of millions of patriots rise against the woke insanity taking over corporate America. We are going to see how Tyson Foods is already feeling that wrath and how it will likely continue to get worse!

– Senator JD Vance has highlighted Tyson Foods’ closure of plants in several states where thousands of Americans were employed, and their decision to hire migrant asylum seekers in New York instead.

– Tyson Foods’ decision to import this division of labor domestically by hiring migrants willing to work for lower wages has sparked outrage and calls for boycotts across the country.

– The move is seen as out of touch with the concerns of American voters, with illegal immigration being a top issue for many, according to recent polls.

The great Senator JD Vance from Ohio has confirmed that Tyson Foods has closed plants in Iowa, Arkansas, and Virginia where thousands of Americans were employed, and is instead in the process of hiring tens of thousands of migrant asylum seekers in the deep blue state of New York. While what JD Vance just said is right, what’s happening here is even worse than that. We are seeing a variation on a major factor that’s been driving the massive populist revolt all over the West.

The world over the last few decades has been characterized by what scholars call a global division of labor or an international division of labor. What we have seen over the last few decades is manufacturing and industry being increasingly shipped away from the global north and from the Western World and resettled in the global south. Manufacturing, assembly, and industry are now all moved to the global south, and at the same time, all the capital and finance that’s bankrolling such manufacturing has relocated from the global north to the Western world. Rural areas dependent on manufacturing have seen an enormous plague of unemployment sweep across their regions all the while urban areas, have been going through massive gentrification because all the finance and capital have been centralized there.

This is what blew up the Yellow Vest uprising in France a few years back. Rural folk, who lost all their jobs because of this global division of labor, had to commute upwards of an hour to two hours to find work in the nearest city, but they couldn’t live there because gentrification had inordinately shot up real estate prices. They couldn’t work where they lived but they couldn’t live where there’s work. They had to commute long distances by car, and then Macron added a fuel tax on them to pay for a stupid green initiative.

The global division of labor is fueling populist revolts all over the Western world. What makes what Tyson Foods just did so pernicious is they imported that global division of labor and domesticized it. Someone like President Trump can come around and disrupt this global division of labor, but the CEOs at Tyson Foods don’t care, because they no longer have to ship manufacturing jobs overseas. All they have to do is support Biden’s policies that import illegal migrants to our shores. They need to move their manufacturing industry to population centers inside the United States but with the most migrants willing to work for the lowest wage.

What used to be a foreign enemy, shipping jobs out of our nation to another nation is now being manifested as a domestic enemy. Our manufacturing jobs are now simply being relocated from within the nation to populations with the highest density of illegal migrants. It’s beyond disgusting, and it looks like Tyson Foods is about to get severely Bud Lighted!

There’s a massive boycott against Tyson Foods rising all across the country, and it’s already hitting their bottom line. A multi-million dollar fund manager has officially ditched Tyson Foods. Bill Flaig, who runs the $80 million American Conservative Values Fund has announced that they have divested themselves of Tyson Foods holdings in protest to what they’re doing to American workers. And Flaig is hardly alone. Reports are that thousands of angry Americans are threatening Bud Light Tyson Foods. Ironically, Tyson Foods may have made an even bigger mistake than Bud Light. This is because illegal immigration is now the number one issue of concern among American voters. 7 in 10 voters want the government to crack down and stop illegal immigration. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% of voters rank illegal immigration as the nation’s number one concern. The overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation.

The fact that they seemed to think that hiring asylum seekers in deep blue New York was somehow something that was going to rally consumers to their cause shows that these woke corporations are proving themselves to be run by some of the most clueless incompetent rubes on the planet! When 70% of the population doesn’t support what you’re supporting and 35% of likely voters think that what you’re celebrating is the single biggest concern they have for this upcoming election, that’s absolute poison for your brand! And it looks like Tyson Foods, like Bud Light, Planet Fitness, and Target, is about to learn the hard way: get woke, go broke!

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