Tucker Drops BOMBSHELLS on Putin and the Deep State!

Tucker Carlson is once again turning heads, fresh off of his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Tucker addressed a forum in Dubai where he dropped bombshells about his interview with Vladimir Putin, the Deep State, and the truth about the increasingly senile Joe Biden.

– Tucker Carlson discusses the misuse of intelligence agencies for domestic surveillance and disruption at the World Government Summit.

– Tucker acknowledges his changed political views, emphasizing a shift away from traditional partisan alignments.

– Tucker envisions a rising conservative and civilizationalist world order, contrasting with America’s loss of moral authority in the globalist order.

This week, Tucker Carlson spoke at the World Government Summit in Dubai, arriving there after his widely viewed interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tucker was asked by Egyptian journalist Emad Eldin Adeeb what motivated him to interview Putin.

What Tucker said was insightful. The intelligence agencies that were set up after World War II and during the Cold War for spying on and disrupting our foreign enemies are now being used to spy on and disrupt American citizens, like Tucker, here at home. We need to understand the connection between those two dynamics: Mark Twain quipped, “America cannot have an empire abroad, and a Republic at home.” What he meant by that is that eventually, the same coercive mechanisms that are used to maintain control abroad will be used here at home. That is exactly what we are seeing today.

People who are not from America have a very different perspective of what America is all about than what our Founding Fathers envisioned. They tend to see America as a bully and a policy dictator that imposes its will on foreign populations regardless of whether they welcome it or not. What we are experiencing today is those same dictatorial authoritarian tactics that have previously been directed at foreign countries now directed at us.

Tucker was then asked about his partisan leanings, and whether he’s as much a cheerleader of Trump and the Republicans as so many of his critics allege. Tucker, a leading journalist in the United States, publicly affirmed for an international audience in Dubai that our current president is most definitely senile. What Tucker said applies to a lot of us. He voted for George W. Bush twice, McCain, and Romney. But now he would as soon cut off his right hand before voting for anyone like that ever again. What Tucker said there was helpful. It’s ok to acknowledge that our political views have changed in this crazy and turbulent world.

The more we learn, the more we can adjust our politics to align with what we know. The major realignment that so many of us have gone through is a shift away from seeing politics as left vs right, as we notice how there is almost no difference between Republicans and Democrats. They both equally serve the donor class. Our politics are realigning where the new animosity is now between the people vs the political class. It tends to transcend the horizontal partisan divide of left vs right or liberal vs conservative. This is probably the biggest change in our politics over the last 10 years. In many ways, it’s a realignment that’s happening in comparable ways in countries all over the world. We were all blown away at the radical discrepancy between the sharpness of Putin in the Tucker interview and the total, undeniable mental degeneration of Bumblin’ Biden in that disastrous press conference.

Tucker also showed how that degeneration is emblematic of what happened to our society, particularly our Democrat-monopolized cities. Over the last few decades, our cities, which were some of the most beautiful cities in the world, look like they’ve been bombed out in a full-fledged war. They are rat-infested rot! In many respects, Biden is a symbol of what has happened to the population centers of our nation, which vote incurably blue.

A new world is rising that is conservative and civilizationalist. That is combining the best of technology with tradition, like in Dubai, to forge a new international political order rooted in the return of the ancient civilizations of the past. We, unfortunately, are stuck in an old and increasingly deteriorating time quickly being passed by! According to Tucker, the United States, as it conducts itself as the sole superpower in a globalist world order, has lost all moral authority in the way it has conducted itself, and that is one of the major reasons why we are seeing the very definite rise of a very different world order.

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