Tucker Drops BOMBSHELLS in Most SHOCKING Interview EVER!

Tucker’s recent interview is being called the most astonishing and shocking interview he has ever done. We got to see a play-by-play breakdown of the stunning censorship complex that has arisen from within our government. We are going to take a look at the 5 bombshells to come out of that interview and what patriots are doing to strike definitively back!

– Brexit marked a turning point, triggering the rise of a Deep State censorship complex in Europe, per Mike Benz.

– The ‘red mirage’ concept from the 2020 election, propagated by the legacy media, was exposed as a Deep State narrative.

– Despite efforts by the military censorship complex, Tucker Carlson’s interview with Benz reached millions, facilitated by Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, challenging the Deep State’s control over social media.

A few days ago, Tucker Carlson spoke to former State Department officer Mike Benz. Since serving in the Trump administration, Benz has established himself as arguably the top US expert on the rise of the censorship state and what many are calling the military censorship complex. The interview was stunning. Its shocking revelations describe the process by which our own Deep State has risen up to actively destroy the very foundations of our constitutional republic. Here are the 5 most shocking bombshells to come from that interview:

#5. Brexit Changed Everything

According to Benz, originally the internet was perceived by the CIA as a platform to bring down authoritarian governments considered hostile to the United States. As such, free speech was actually championed as a great weapon against America’s adversaries. But then Brexit changed everything:

It was a political earthquake that shocked the world as more British voters came out to vote to leave the EU than had ever voted for any party or politician in the United Kingdom’s history. According to Benz, it would serve as a fixed historical point for the rise of a Deep State censorship complex throughout Europe.

#4. The Election of Trump Brought The Censorship Complex Home

After Brexit, the US saw the election of Donald Trump just a few months later. This shocked the Deep State here at home. This caused them to organize the most extensive censorship project ever conducted inside our nation. Tucker Carlson and the free speech platform of X prove each day that together we are unstoppable.

#3. The Deep State is Destroying Democracy In Order To ‘Save’ It

Democracy became redefined from the will of the voters to the sanctity of democratic institutions. Scholars make a distinction between what they call pragmatic democracy and redemptive democracy. This is key because scholars who recognize the nature of the populist revolts that are going on all over the world, of which Trump and the MAGA movement are examples, recognize that these movements of course want to restore redemptive democracy, which is a democratic process that honors the will of the people. The deep state is actively attempting to redefine democracy as involving solely what the permanent political class wants, which they call pragmatic democracy.

Pragmatic democracy involves the various ways in which the ruling class, the uniparties, NATO, the intelligence agencies, and the NGOs, are governed by their own values, interests, and concerns. These are growing increasingly alienated from the values, interests, and concerns of the people. The irony is that this dismissive disdain for the will of the people is only fueling more populism around the world.

#2. The ‘Red Mirage’ Was A Deep State Narrative

The ‘red mirage’ narrative pushed by the legacy media in the days leading up to the 2020 election was everywhere. They claimed that because of the massive amount of mail-in ballots that have to be counted “because of Covid,” we should not be surprised if Trump looks like he’s way in the lead, perhaps even for days, because Biden will most certainly catch up as the mail-in ballots are counted. According to Benz, this was itself a deep state concocted narrative parroted by the legacy media.

#1. The Interview Itself!!!

As shocking as some of these bombshells were, nothing is as shocking as the bombshell of the interview itself. Given the extraordinary efforts that the military censorship complex has inflicted on our nation, it is nothing short of miraculous that an interview like this ever saw the light of day, let alone reach tens of millions of people. Elon Musk’s purchasing of Twitter back in October of 2022 was a game changer. It effectively took one of the major social media platforms that this military censorship complex was used to silence Americans away from that very censorship complex.

Suddenly, to their obvious shock, the Deep State and their mouthpieces in the legacy media could no longer control the single most populous instant messaging platform on the planet. Musk himself has been exposing the behind-the-scenes censorship that was taking place under Jack Dorsey in the so-called Twitterfiles expose. The calculus here is rather clear: the more the government powers try to censor the people, the more the people will rise up. The same military censorship complex will likely do its best to clamp down on the uprising in 2024. But Tucker’s interview on Elon Musk’s platform proves that perhaps, the people are now officially stronger than the political class!

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