Trump’s VP List REVEALED!

The VP stakes are heating up as we now know who exactly Trump is considering for the VP slot, and it has social media exploding!

– Recent reports indicate that Donald Trump is in the process of vetting potential vice presidential candidates for the 2024 election.

– The pick should be someone who is perceived as more radical or at least equally anti-establishment as Trump.

– The ultimate decision will reflect Trump’s strategy to fortify his position against both Democratic opposition and internal GOP dynamics.

It’s being widely reported that Trump has sent out vetting paperwork to a number of potential VP candidates. This list of 7 includes North Dakota governor Doug Burgum, FL senator Marco Rubio, Ohio senator J.D. Vance, South Carolina senator Tim Scott, Florida congressman Byron Donalds, New York congresswoman Elise Stefanik, and Dr. Ben Carson.

There are reportedly two other lists that are more whittled down and refined. WND is reporting that there is a top four in consideration: Burgum, Rubio, Scott and JD Vance. Other sources, including Fox News, are reporting that it’s actually coming down to a top three: Burgum, Rubio and Vance. The others have been vetted, but not to the level of Burgum, Rubio, and Vance.

Tim Scott is way too much of a neocon establishment Republican. He would likely be a disaster, and that appears to be the growing consensus. There’s a hashtag campaign on X, ‘not Tim Scott,’ so it seems that nobody is enthusiastic about him. There also appears to be a lot of concern about Rubio who has been way too willing in the past to align himself with establishment Republicans. He does fight on behalf of Trump and push back hard against the feckless and fledgling legacy media and their pathetic leftwing antics.

It is interesting that DeSantis is not on this list when originally, word on the street was that their ticket had already been agreed to. This was before DeSantis reneged and launched his own disastrous presidential campaign and aligned himself with the neocon establishment and basically destroyed his future political prospects.

The key to Trump’s choice as VP is he has to find someone more radical than himself who the powers-that-be in the Washington establishment fear more than Trump. If he picks somebody like Tim Scott that the establishment likes and believes is one of them, Trump won’t make it out of the inauguration without being impeached for a third time. This is the one thing Joe Biden has going for him and is the only reason why he’s still in office. The establishment fears Kamala’s utter incompetence more than Biden.

Of the available choices, it looks like the only two that fit that bill are JD Vance and perhaps Byron Donalds. It looks like the establishment is terrified of Vance. Everyone else fits too comfortably with the Republican and Washington establishment.

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