Trump’s Ohio Visit HUMILIATES BIDEN!!!

It was the tale of two Presidents, one competent and strong, the other feeble and weak, one who puts America first, and the other who puts us dead last! We’re going to see the political brilliance that was on display in Ohio yesterday and why it may indeed have been a game changer for 2024!

-President Trump visited the people of East Palestine and was greeted like a hero!

-Biden finally called from Poland weeks later

-This is already setting the stage for a big 2024

President Trump made a highly celebrated visit to the people of East Palestine, Ohio whose lives have been ravaged by what many believe could be the worst environmental disaster in our nation’s history! And the people of East Palestine didn’t hold back their love!

It was an astonishing visit; among the highlights, tens of thousands of goods, food, and water, thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies, delivered to East Palestine residents, all bought and paid for by President Trump, and a visit to a local McDonalds where he purchased lunch for all the first responders, the policemen, the firemen and the maintenance crews who’ve been working tirelessly in the cleanup:

And of course what would a Trump visit be without the customary passing out of MAGA hats to all!

Oh, look at all those racists! What horrible people; disgusting deplorables! The overall theme of the visit was simple: Trump made it clear that the people of East Palestine, while they may have been ignored by our woke liberal elites in DC, are not forgotten in the hearts, minds, and actions of patriots across the country!

And in the end, Trump had one message for bumblin’ Biden:

Now, politically, this was a homerun! I mean, you can clearly see this is from the heart; that’s what makes nationalist populism so amazing, is that the politics and the people overlap, they become one; there’s nothing cynical here. Trump’s love of the people is expressed in a successful and highly popular America First political agenda. Photo ops are themselves expressions of a very heartfelt hero’s welcome! There’s no inconsistency between genuine humanitarian concern and scoring political points in a populist paradigm; and that’s because the people and the politics become one! And Trump’s America First agenda is resonating like never before! Jack Posobeic noted that even Philadelphia media was favorably covering Trump’s visit to East Palestine as this visit clearly connected with Ohio and Pennsylvania residents:

Kari Lake summarized the visit beautifully, tweeting out: ‘It warms my heart to see the people of East Palestine’s reaction to President Trump’s visit. Americans haven’t forgotten all the great things that this man did for the working class people of this country. And how important it is to have a leader that puts them first.’ Now, in stark contrast to all of this, Bumblin’ Biden finally called Ohio, three weeks after the fact of course! I kid you not! He reportedly called from Europe, from Poland, as he’s there to “defend freedom.” That’s what he’s saying; he’s in Europe to defend freedom, you know, the kind that unleashes the worst environmental disaster in our nation’s history on a community and no one in Washington gives a shit! Yeah, that’s freedom man, I wonder why more people don’t want it?!? It was beyond embarrassing! And OBVIOUSLY so! Fox news reported on FEMA’s response as being not only weeks late, but in obvious response to Trump upstaging Biden! Agents and aid only came once Trump announced that HE was coming! So Trump is getting credit NOT just for the aid that he personally brought, but the aid that the residents of East Palestine are getting from the Federal government as well! So, this was truly a political homerun for Trump in every single way! If this is the paradigm for his 2024 campaign, THIS is going to be astonishing, and it could make 2016 pale by comparison!

The key to president Trump’s 2016 victory, when he became the first Republican candidate in over 30 years to win over 300 electoral votes, was precisely rural areas like East Palestine. In 2016, nearly 200 counties in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan, that had voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1984 suddenly swung over and voted for Trump, often by upwards of a 20 point margin. The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published a report that found that an astonishing 75 percent of white rural women in Virginia voted for the Republican Glenn Youngkin in their 2021 gubernatorial race. And this is all part of a massive defection from the Democrat Party of blue-collar manufacturing workers, factory workers, who have historically voted exclusively Democrat, but who defected in droves to vote for Trump! And this is slowly but surely remaking the political map of the United States, where Democrats, who have been so dependent on urban cosmopolitan voters are beginning to see their voting base contract and shrink, while the Republican-based rural voter is growing and flourishing! And what more and more pundits are saying is that if this trend keeps going, the Democrats are basically going to go extinct in states with sizable exurban and rural areas like Tennessee and Iowa and, yes, Ohio! So president Trump is doing exactly what he needs to do to make 2024 a politically paradigm shifting year, and if the residents of East Palestine have anything to say about it, 2024 is going to be a political earthquake!