Trump’s $454 Million Bond SLASHED! MEDIA MELTDOWN!

The legacy media is in an absolute meltdown tonight over the New York appellate court’s decision to slash Trump’s bond by more than half. As the sunlight first peered over the horizon Monday morning, these leftwing activists disguised as journalists were celebrating the fact that Trump couldn’t pay the $460 million bond that Judge Engoron originally imposed on him. The liberal media was frothing at the mouth over the prospect that Letitia James, the Attorney General of the state of New York, was going to seize Trump’s properties.

– A New York court overturned the ruling of Judge Engoron’s attempt to make Trump pay almost half a billion dollars.

– The liberal media is panicking about this ruling benefitting Trump.

– Many fake conservatives and the left were hoping that this bond would be unpayable for Trump and he would endure even more challenges.

New York Appellate court has officially overturned the ruling of Judge Engoron that slapped Trump with an utterly ridiculous nearly half a billion dollar bond that he had to pay to even appeal the decision. Trump couldn’t go up the ranks of the appellate process until after he paid nearly half a billion dollars to the state of New York. That appellate court saw how utterly ridiculous this whole thing is. The whole thing will likely be thrown out eventually on appeal, and Trump may even be able to turn around and sue the state of New York over this blatant weaponization of the law!

Real estate investors like Kevin O’Leary and Grant Cardone and legal experts like Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz are all saying this is an absurd case because it would never have been brought on anyone else other than Trump. It is an absurd case where the key witnesses, the banks, and the insurance companies testified that they did their due diligence and priced the properties. They ultimately paid the price they and their assessors determined for the properties. Trump paid it all back and these companies made tons of money on his investments. The key witnesses in this case all said they look forward to doing business with Trump in the future!

There are no complainants and no one is suing Trump. He doesn’t owe anyone any money. This case was brought against Trump by a corrupt, ultra-Democrat New York court system, and it has scared real estate investors all over the nation and the world who want nothing to do with such a capricious, partisan, vengeful court system in New York. It wasn’t just MSNBC whining; here is CNN’s take on Trump’s big win:

She said they don’t expect him to win on appeal. Trump is going to have to take this to the Supreme Court, and if they take it, they should overrule it. Michael Steele, once the head of the RNC, tweeted “Yet again, @realDonaldTrump gets special treatment with his private system of justice. The NY Appeals Court has decided to give Trump more time to pay less money by reducing his bond from $454M to $175 and giving him 10 days to get the money. This makes absolutely no sense.”

He’s rooting for Letitia James. He’s rooting for Judge Engoron and the Democrats and their weaponization of the law. This was the head chairman of the RNC! This liberal lunatic was the man in charge of an organization that millions of Republicans were writing checks to and he is now openly rooting for Letitia James and her blatant partisan lawfare! With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats? He works for MSNBC similarly to how Ronna McDaniel is now working for NBC. Trump brought these swamp rats to the surface and made them squeal their way out of the Republican Party.

Trump has also doubled his wealth this week! He just successfully brokered a deal with another investment company called Digital World Acquisition Corporation. They together created a new company called the Trump Media & Technology Group, and their main asset is the social media platform Truth Social. It’s just gone public and is being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. As of Tuesday, it will be trading as DJT, Trump’s initials! The merger just added over 3 billion dollars to Trump’s net worth, which effectively doubled his net worth now to over $6 billion, making him one of the 500 richest men in the world.

Not only did Trump get his bond radically reduced by an appeals court, but he also doubled his wealth in the process. New York likely will not ever collect a dime in all of this. The whole thing will likely be thrown out eventually on appeal, and Trump may even be able to turn around and sue the state of New York over this blatant weaponization of the law!

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