TRUMP: We Could Get WWIII!

Trump has warned that the situation in the Levant/Holy Land could turn into World War Three. As he was saying this, most western countries called on their citizens to leave Iran and Israel as Iran’s retaliation for the Israeli strike on their Damascus consulate appears to be coming any moment now.

While many speculations are flying around about the nature of the upcoming attack, it appears that it will be an escalation as it may not only come from Iran’s axis of resistance around Israel (Hezbollah, Ansarallah, and other Iran backed militias in Iraq & Syria) but also from Iran itself. If Iran strikes Israel from Iran proper, the gates of WWIII may be thrown open.

Initially after Israel struck the consulate in Damascus, the US said it would need to withstand the retaliation on its own but as the attack loomed it appears Biden went right back to pledging absolute support for Israel. Biden and America had finally joined the rest of the world in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza against the wills of Israeli leadership as well as trying to restrain a Rafah invasion. It appeared like Biden was going to let Israel face the consequences of escalation as a sign that they need to show more restraint but it appears the Israel lobby succeeded in preventing that policy from advancing.

Tucker Carlson recently broke the media taboo on discussing the wrongdoings of Israel, especially towards the Christian population. Hopefully Americans can also see that they are abusing the blank check America gives them and are willing to drag us into WWIII so we will destroy their enemies for them. Israel has already prepared further escalatory strikes on Iran in preparation for the impending retaliatory strikes. Let us hope that cooler heads prevail.

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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