Trump SURGING as DeSantis’ Betrayal BACKFIRES!!!

It’s happening! Trump is surging all as DeSantis is imploding, JUST like we predicted! We’re going to see precisely what’s behind the massive swing to Trump in the polls, what DeSantis is doing wrong, and the massive backlash the demonic Democrats can expect from all of this!

-Trump is KILLING IT in the polls!

-Ron Desantis has unfortunately descended into RINOism

-2024 will be the year of TRUMP!

According to the latest Monmouth poll, President Trump has surged to a 14 point lead over Ron DeSantis, which represents an eight-point increase from February. Back then, DeSantis was beating Trump by 13 points! And he was beating Trump in virtually every single category, age group, race, all for the exception of those making under $50 thousand dollars a year, they were still solidly behind Trump! All of that has now changed; Trump is dominating the field; another poll out today has Trump leading the pack by nearly 30 points! We’re seeing the same thing with the latest Morning Consult poll, where Trump is leading DeSantis now by an astounding 20 points, up from 11 in January! Even in DeSantis’ own state of Florida, Trump is leading the pack! 

Now, this is why all of us on this channel have been saying from the very beginning of all this, we predicted that the Democrats were taking a HUGE risk in all of this. Just so we’re clear, the case for betting on Trump in this indictment is relatively straightforward, it’s basically two-fold: first and foremost, American voters are overwhelmingly concerned about the double-standards in our justice system; in yesterday’s video, we talked about a recent Trafalgar poll that found that an astounding 79 percent of likely voters believed that we live in a two-tiered justice system that favor political insiders. Just to underscore that here, that includes 77 percent of independents! 8 in 10 likely voters believe that we have a compromised justice system that operates by double standards! So in launching what will appear as an obvious weaponization of the law to MOST people, the Democrats risk converting a number of those 80 percent over to Trump’s cause!

Again, it’s not a coincidence that Trump saw his highest approval rating the very same months he was impeached! People sympathized with him as a victim of weaponized legalism! In fact, at the time, the Mar-a-Lago raid gave Trump a 10-point boost over DeSantis! So that’s the first thing working in Trump’s favor; an overwhelming number of voters are concerned about weaponized legalism and are prone to sympathize with a victim of that weaponization. And then secondly, scandals, which this alleged hush money involves, simply don’t sell well when involving presidents! Bill Clinton put an end to that! When Clinton got rocked with the Monica Lewinsky affair, it only ended up rallying the whole of his party around him all the while discrediting his partisan opponents. And the result? The Republicans got trounced in the 1998 midterms, which ironically ended up with Newt Gingrich resigning as Speaker of the House! So weaponized legalism and scandals have an enormous potential to backfire, and that’s the serious risk that the Democrats face here. But even DeSantis is finding out that the current political dynamics greatly favor Trump! We’ve got new polling that shows precisely what looks like it will determine not just the primaries but the general election itself! But think about it: it’s not just Trump’s indictment; it’s everything, it’s bank closings, it’s riots, it’s economic collapses. They are all orchestrated by power hungry globalists working their hardest right now to make you feel discouraged, confused, and defeated, but in all reality, if you think it through, it’s all nothing more than the Great Reset’s Last-Ditch effort. All my research is pointing to the fact that the whole liberal world is falling apart and it is more possible than ever to Escape the Great Reset.

Even before all of this indictment insanity, Rasmussen found that 67 percent of Republicans believe that RINOs, establishment Republicans in DC, worked together with Democrats to defeat Trump in 2020! Gang, 7 in 10 Republicans don’t trust the REPUBLICAN PARTY! That’s the kind of anti-establishment fervor that’s fomenting among the populace as we speak! There is a growing sense that the gap between the people vs the political class is widening, the gap between our values, our interests, our concerns, it’s growing to such an extent that we are more and more being ruled rather than represented! And so, as this sense of antagonism towards the permanent political class grows, it’s not a coincidence that Rasmussen found last week that Trump’s overall favorability numbers were going up; he was hitting 53 percent favorability! DeSantis, on the other hand, is absolutely imploding! We noted earlier the Monmouth poll that saw his massive lead among Republican primary candidates in February completely collapse; he’s gone from 39 percent in February down to just 27 percent; as overall, there’s been a 27 point swing towards Trump since December! Which is tragic for DeSantis, he’s absolutely blowing it; there’s no reason for him to be politically suffering right now, except for neocon snakes that still infest the donor class and adviser class in the Republican Party! They’re the ones who are doing this guy wrong here.

Word on the street if you don’t know, is that desantis’s people have convinced him that this is his moment, but this indictment is going to take Trump out and so now’s the time for DeSantis to make his move, and that’s exactly what we appear to be seeing. He’s making these utterly politically disastrous comments about Trump, assuming that Trump is going down in all of this, so he’s trying to position himself as the post-Trump front runner right away! But all he’s successfully doing is making himself look like just another establishment RINO! He’s going from being the slayer of all things woke to now the defender of the establishment! It’s politically suicidal! So we’ll see how things develop here, but there’s no question, Trump is going to continue to massively benefit from all of this societal insanity, and unfortunately for people like Ron DeSantis and establishment Republicans, they’re about to learn the new rules of a very new world…the hard way!