Trump SURGE Continues!

Trump has officially taken the lead in the Real Clear Politics aggregate polling, which averages out all of the polling over the last several months. This is particularly meaningful because Trump consistently outperformed the polls and Biden underperformed the polls. More Democrats are openly recognizing that if the election were held today, Trump would crush Biden.

– Recent polls pose significant challenges for Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, exacerbated by the looming possibility of a recession, which historically harms incumbents.

– The Democratic Party faces a problem as they lack a viable replacement for Biden, with Kamala Harris viewed unfavorably and no apparent strong alternatives.

– The legacy media’s efforts to encourage Democrats to find an alternative candidate while maintaining Biden’s electability appear to be falling apart.

These polls are devastating for Biden. It gets worse: this doesn’t even factor in the looming recession that most economists believe is right around the corner. Historically, no incumbent has won re-election if a recession occurs anytime in the last two years of his term in office. The Democrats, the Donor class, and the Deep State are all seeing this.

The problem the Democrats are facing now is that they have no one else to replace him. Kamala is viewed as a joke which we saw most recently by Nancy Pelosi throwing her under the bus.

We see this clear signal that they have no intention of ever trusting the party with Kamal. Gavin Newsom is also not going to happen. He barely survived a recall effort in the bluest of blue states. Michelle Obama has not made any moves toward doing anything, and even if she did, she wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as her husband.

They do not have anyone. The Democrats are stuck with a convalescent senile candidate, and that is what explains the other ‘no evidence’ messaging. This is the media’s attempt at hedging against the fact that they have no other options other than Joe. They are doing their best to get the Democrats to try to come up with another plan, but if they can’t then the legacy media needs to do what they can to keep whatever’s left of Joe’s political viability intact.

Robert Barnes is arguing that this indictment actually can serve to protect Joe in that it ties up Hunter in court and he’s now protected by pleading the 5th. If he were granted immunity like the original sweetheart plea deal, then he wouldn’t be able to hide behind the 5th amendment and could be subpoenaed by a congressional oversight committee to testify against his father. Barnes thinks that this Hunter indictment is ironically helping Joe, or at least is intended to do so.

The more they weaponize the law against Trump, the more they engage in kangaroo court-like tactics, the higher his poll numbers rise. Otherwise loyal Democrat constituencies like black and Latino voters are increasingly identifying with Trump and aligning themselves with him because they too feel like they’re victims of a corrupt system. They are increasingly seeing Trump as their champion to fight against the corrupt powers. This is why Biden is now polling with the lowest levels of support among non-white working-class voters since Walter Mondale!

So what does this all mean? At this point, it looks like it’s all falling apart. The legacy media is doing everything they can to encourage Democrats to find someone else to run in 2024 all the while trying to maintain whatever’s left of Biden’s electability. None of this is working. These efforts are completely falling apart. So obviously, this is no time to get complacent. The deep state at the behest of the media is going to do everything it possibly can to thwart Donald Trump from successfully being reelected. If what we are seeing thus far continues to play out, it does look like the establishment may have just finally met its match!

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