Trump STEALS THE SHOW from GOP Debate!

Michigan gave a very enthusiastic welcome to the only Republican to have won the state in 30 years. Donald Trump once again stole the show as he spoke before a massive crowd of union auto workers in the key swing state of Michigan, a moment that promises to be a major game changer for 2024!

– President Trump’s rally in Michigan showcased a stark contrast between his reception and the standing of the current president, Joe Biden.

– Trump’s appeal to blue-collar union workers is unique, and no other Republican candidate, including DeSantis, can replicate his connection with this demographic.

– Trump’s appeal spans across demographics, with voters believing his leadership brings peace abroad and prosperity at home, contrasting with the perception that Biden will lead to war and economic depression.

President Trump once again proved that the donor-class sideshow known as the Republican primary debates were nothing more than a pathetic attempt at Kabuki Theater. They were the definition of a waste of time, and it’s so bizarre that we have a stage full of donor-class-backed candidates who are virtually all, except one, DeSantis, polling in single digits. Some like Mike ‘I saved the Constitution’ Pence and Chris Christie, Taco Bell’s favorite customer, are polling each at 3%. Why would anyone even remotely waste their time with this spectacle, other than just laugh at it?

Trump, on the other hand, continued to redefine politics and redefine the Republican Party. The contrast between Trump’s reception to the reception of our current president is embarrassing for Biden. The streets were lined up for miles with Trump supporters waving flags and welcoming soon-to-be number 47 to Clinton Township, Michigan. When he arrived, he was on fire:

He said this in front of a union audience. Trump is trashing the Democrat president in front of what is historically one of the most faithful Democrat constituencies in the nation. This was one of the most paradigm-shifting moments in our nation’s political history. No other Republican candidate can do this.

The assumption among DeSantis’ supporters is that DeSantis will automatically win the counties that Trump won in the Rust Belt states like Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Trump won in these counties in Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that no Republican has won since the mid-80s. If Trump is not the Republican nominee as Rich has demonstrated, Ohio and Iowa would be once again swing states. Those counties that were always reliably blue go back to being blue.

It is only Trump that is appealing to these blue-collar union workers, not DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, or, to the horror of Democrats, not even Joe Biden who union workers see as a puppet of the radical environmentalist movement that is causing the auto workers to lose their jobs. That is the beauty of what Trump said to them. It doesn’t matter what contract you negotiate, you won’t have a job in two years! It’s all going to China because Joe is bought and paid for. He reminded them that he was not. The key to Trump’s victory is that many demographics are seeing that voting for him will lead to peace abroad and prosperity at home. If we vote for Biden, we will only have war and depression. No candidate is appealing to these voters like Donald Trump. That promises to change politics in 2024 like never before!

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