Trump Reveals VP?!

Many are saying that we are looking at a Trump/Tucker Ticket for 2024. A lot of people are openly speculating that this weekend’s joint appearance between the two at the UFC championship fight only served to further confirm those rumors.

– President Trump received a massive standing ovation at UFC 295 in Madison Square Garden.

– Elon Musk acknowledges the popularity of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Trump, emphasizing Tucker’s significant influence and trust among GOP rank and file.

– The potential Trump-Tucker 2024 ticket is seen as disruptive and aligned with the post-security concerns of voters, challenging the established political class.

Heads were turning this weekend as President Trump entered Madison Square Garden. He attended the latest UFC 295 fight to a massive standing ovation. He was flanked by an entourage that included UFC president Dana White, Kid Rock, Don Jr, and the person everyone took special note of, Tucker Carlson.

Tucker posted the entrance into Madison Square Garden on his Twitter feed. As many of you know, President Trump recently openly entertained the idea of picking Tucker as his running mate; speaking on the Buck Sexton show a few days back, Trump said this:

A Trump and Tucker ticket in 2024 would be amazing. Even Elon Musk admitted that. He pointed out that the views for Tucker’s interview with Trump exceeded the population of the United States. It got hundreds of millions of views in comparison to the pathetic puddle of an audience that the first GOP debate got. Tucker has the overwhelming confidence and trust of the GOP rank and file, and that trust stands in stark contrast to the implosion of trust and confidence in the GOP establishment.

Delegitimization describes the process whereby institutions, regulations, and authorities increasingly lose their legitimacy in the eyes of more and more people. In 2010, pollsters Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen published a study evidencing a major paradigm shift taking place among the American electorate. Rasmussen and Schoen found substantial data indicating that the old political divides between left vs right and liberal vs. conservative were dying away, and a new political divide was noticeably redefining American politics.

This divide is increasing between the people vs. the political class. In 1964, 70% of the American electorate believed that the government was being run for the benefit of all. Today, that number has imploded to barely 10%. 9 in 10 Americans believe the government is ultimately run for the benefit of the rich and powerful. Trump’s consideration of Tucker underscores delegitimation.

What we see with delegitimation, not just here but in Europe and Latin America as well is the rise of political outsiders who now, because of this total breakdown in confidence, have political plausibility they never would have had were that trust and confidence in tact. There is no sign of restoring that trust any time soon. Every poll out there shows that Americans’ trust in our establishment institutions is at an all-time low. The latest Gallup polling shows a record low level of trust for the presidency, our legal system, our medical system, Big Business, Big Tech, the legacy media, and the criminal justice system.

Across the board, confidence in the mediating institutions of our society is down dramatically. Is it any wonder that every time Trump gets indicted, his poll numbers go up? This is delegitimation, and a Trump-Tucker ticket would further confirm Trump’s uncanny political instincts in being able to read the national room. Nigel Farage of Brexit fame has often said that no one else can come close to Trump’s political instincts.

He recognizes that politics of the present and the future are built around what scholars call post-security politics where globalism’s erosion of border security, economic security, and cultural security foreground those issues as the top concerns among voters. Tucker and Trump together appear on point with these post-security concerns, all as our permanent political class do their very best to consistently ignore them. But the more they ignore them, the more they erode confidence and trust in our political establishment, all the while bolstering the chances of outsiders to come in and disrupt the system. There is no more of a disruptive ticket than Trump/Tucker 2024.

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