Trump is TERRIFYING the WEF!

Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, Yuval Harari, has said the return of Trump is nothing less than the death of the globalist world order.

– World leaders convene at Davos for the 2024 World Economic Forum expressed concerns over the possibility of a second term for Donald Trump.

– The concept of “Stakeholder Capitalism,” central to the Great Reset, traces back to Klaus Schwab’s 1970s book, “Modern Enterprise Management.”

– Trump’s return symbolizes resistance to the WEF’s agenda, signaling potential challenges to the influence of the Davos elite.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and CEOs from around the world have all arrived in their private jets to meet in the remote mountain village of Davos, Switzerland for the 2024 World Economic Forum. Already we’re seeing several pieces published revealing how freaked out everyone is at Davos over the looming specter, as Reuters calls it, of a second Donald Trump term.

Bloomberg ran with the headline: ‘Davos Elite Size Up the Global Risks of Another Trump Presidency.’ On French television, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, who is right now herself in Davos, made the rather panicked claim that Trump’s return is a threat to Europe. By this she means a threat to the environment and the WEF’s green agenda. He is a threat to NATO and the never-ending funding of Ukraine and the like.

In other words, Trump is a threat to the globalist world order. Trump is a threat to their plans for what they’ve been calling the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man was complaining that populist politicians like Trump are pushing a false dichotomy between patriotism on the one hand and globalism on the other.

One of the best and simplest explanations I’ve come across on the WEF’s Great Reset is an article by the scholar Micheal Rectenwald. It’s based on a lecture that he gave at Hillsdale College, and he does an excellent job of outlining and breaking down precisely what the elites in Davos are all about, and why it’s absolutely impossible to be loyal to your own nation and the WEF’s vision of some global government. The term ‘The Great Reset’ actually comes from a book by Klaus Schwab and his associate Theirry Malleret published in 2020. What’s so interesting here is that the content of the book can be traced back much farther than 2020.

It all goes back to Klaus Schwab’s book that he wrote back in the early 1970s, entitled ‘Modern Enterprise Management’ which introduced a key concept for Schwab called ‘Stakeholder Capitalism.’ That’s a key term for the Demons in Davos and it’s vitally important that you understand what that’s all about. Stakeholder capitalism is generally presented as a system in which corporations are oriented to serve the interests of the general population at large, not just their investors, but the population at large. As they say, we are all stakeholders in a more just, fair, equitable, and sustainable society.

Stakeholder capitalism involves instituting what’s called ESG which stands for environmental, social, and governance criteria, and that refers to scores that corporations get about those key areas so that investors can show they are investing in companies that advance leftwing social justice goals. These include green energy, racial equity, and even abortion access. It is basically an attempt to pressure companies to become more woke.

Many have noticed that the ESG scores are eerily similar to China’s social credit system, which is of course a technocratic project that seeks to control human behavior so as to ‘maximize’ safety and sustainability. It’s now widely recognized that the people at the WEF are actively designing and seeking to implement the architecture of just such an internationalized social credit system in the name of a radically apocalyptic environmentalist vision. They actively believe that your consumption choices can destroy the planet and life as we know it.

What that means is that as far as the WEF is concerned, the environment is the ultimate stakeholder. What is so important to get here is that apocalyptic environmentalism is foundational to their worldview. That is key because, with apocalyptic environmentalism as their basis, the WEF believes that they are completely justified in deliberately controlling what’s called your life chances. Life chances involve your access to employment, education opportunities, finances, and banking. They believe, again, in the name of saving the environment, they believe it’s absolutely essential to control your life chances, to control your behavior so as to prevent an environmental apocalypse from occurring.

And in such a world, how on earth can you and I dissent from that? If the powers that be, both corporate as well as government, have a moral obligation to control your choices in the name of stakeholder capitalism, how can you possibly dissent from this? Trump IS that dissent! Trump represents the hundreds of millions of people all over the world who are standing up to the WEG and its Great Reset. The world is collectively rising up and telling the WEF to shove it, and the return of Trump promises that the days of the Demons at Davos are indeed coming to an end!

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