Trump Indicted in Miami!!!

President Trump has arrived in Miami for the latest pathetic attempt by the Deep State to thwart his 2024 inevitability, and his poll numbers have only skyrocketed as a result! We’re going to see precisely why today, indictment day, is the exact same day that President Trump has opened up what many are calling an insurmountable lead that’s realizing the worst nightmares of the woke left!

-The Deep State has thrown ANOTHER indictment at 45!

-The media and GOP establishment seems to think this will sink Trump 2024

-Polling shows otherwise. Trump is SURGING!

President Trump arrived in Miami yesterday for his arraignment in a federal court involving several criminal charges regarding his handling of classified documents, documents that ironically,he, as president of the United States, alone has full and complete jurisdiction over. But if you’re a mind-numbed viewer of the dwindling audience for CNN or MSNBC, or what’s left of the readership of the deep state mouthpieces like the New York Times and Washington Post, that presidential prerogative, of plenary authority to classify or declassify, applies only to Democrats, even if they’re not the president of the united states. Like then-vice president Bumblin’ Biden and his stashing of classified documents in his Delaware garage, or Hillary Clinton and her storing classified material on a personal laptop; that’s all fine and dandy according to the woke left because guys like THAT are members of the Democrat Deep State. But if the Democrat Deep State doesn’t like you, well then, absurd charges like illegally possessing classified documents that you alone have the power to declassify, yeah absurd charges like that abound with CNN and MSNBC dutifully communicating Deep State talking points! Pro-Trump protestors have already gathered in Florida and are gearing up to show their support, and here’s what one had to say:

And it appears that patriots all across the nation feel the same way! Trump’s poll numbers are out, his post-second indictment poll numbers, and they are absolutely through the roof! The latest CBS poll has Trump skyrocketing to over 60 percent approval! He’s opened up his biggest lead yet over the pack of Republican contenders, with a whopping 40 point lead! The CBS poll was corroborated by the latest TIPP poll, that shows Trump opening up a 36 point lead over the pack with an overall support of 55 percent! Let me translate that for you, alright? As the Western Journal rightly points out: that lead is what we call ‘insurmountable’! Ok? Let’s just cut to the chase in all of this: that lead that Trump has opened up over his fellow Republican contenders is absolutely insurmountable!

I literally don’t have any clue what these other Republican contenders think they’re going to get out of this other than money; other than the futile dollars of what’s left of the GOP’s donor class. They’re going to get money and some fabricated glowing coverage from CNN and MSNBC as those Republicans brave enough to challenge Orange Man Bad, like Mitt Romney gets, who’s crashing in the polls, by the way. Over 50 percent of Utah voters don’t want Romney to run again! But regardless, the news just keeps getting worse and worse for the establishment Republicans and their allies in the Democrat Deep State. A new ABC poll found that less than a majority of the overall population thinks that Trump’s indictment was justified while 47 percent believe that the charges are politically motivated! People are not buying this! They didn’t buy the original Mar-a-Lago raid; they didn’t buy the Manhattan DA’s ridiculous indictment and now they’re not buying this federal indictment! Here’s Joe Rogan’s take on all of this:

Rogan’s take is absolutely key to all of this. For the vast majority of the country, many are asking: what the heck has Trump done that the rest of you corrupt politicians haven’t? This is what makes the legacy media’s pathetic and vain attempt at making this hard and stark contrast between Trump’s handling of classified material and Biden’s and Hillary Clinton’s blatantly illegal handling of comparable material so ludicrous! I mean, it’s blatantly ludicrous, and it’s not swaying anyone, as you can see with the Joe Rogan comments! Now if that’s true of the general public, what on earth do you think is the case with the Republican electorate?!? What does the Republican donor class think could possibly come about from all of this?!? As I understand it, the only reason why DeSantis is running or anyone else for that matter is that the Republican Donor Class, the very class that was most upset by Trump taking over the party, which they thought was THEIR party, right?

Remember, both the Republican and Democratic Parties are corporations, bought and paid for by a donor class, and one of the reasons why Trump is so hated by the National Review wing of the Republican Party. Because he basically circumvented the donor class and took over the party, and wrenched control away from their personal interests, which of course involved open borders for cheap labor, unending military spending for defense contracts and the multi-multi-billion dollar military industrial complex that the likes of Haliburton was such a notorious part of via Dick Cheney. And so this donor class has been trying to get rid of Trump for the last several years! And they have convinced DeSantis and Christie and Nikki Haley that these indictments are going to somehow derail the Trump campaign, when in point of fact, as we’ve predicted all along, they’re only going to make him stronger!

So the political class appears to be completely out of touch with reality at this point! They actually think that racking up indictments against Trump is going to make him politically weaker when in reality they’re only going to make him politically stronger! I don’t think there’s anything that more demonstrates the radical gap or chasm that exists between the people and the permanent political class than these indictments against Trump. The gulf between these two populations could not possibly be greater than in terms of the attitudes and expectations surrounding these indictments! So obviously we’ll continue to keep an eye on how things develop here, but as things stand, to the horror of the donor class and the deep state, all these indictments are ultimately doing is making the threat of a second Trump presidency even stronger!

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