Trump DEPORTING Prince Harry?!

In a recent interview with Nigel Farage, President Trump was asked about Prince Harry and the potential for deporting him for visa violations. Trump said that “we will have to see” and that when he was in office Harry would be “on his own” without establishment support. Of course there is ample precedent to go after Harry as he admitted to using a number of illicit drugs on US soil in his recent memoir “Spare”.

Trump takes his criticism of Prince Harry and his American wife Megan Markle further by stating that their conduct and attempt at “exposing” the Royal family and bringing charges of racism against random figures was horrendously disrespectful to Queen Elizabeth II who was quite old and at the end of her life throughout this drama. President Trump was quite fond of the queen, calling her “unbelievable” and found Harry’s treatment of her unforgivable.

These comments come in the midst of royal furor over the whereabouts of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton who was reportedly spotted in public for the first time again recently. However Community Notes and other X users have cast aspersions on these recent photographs and the reality of the Princess’s whereabouts. King Charles was also recently diagnosed with cancer and rumors are swirling that he is more unwell than the public is being made aware of.

Of course these royal shenanigans are of less concern to Americans but Trump’s interactions with the royals and other figures around the world (some of a more “dictatorial” nature like Kim Jong Un) are more than just a part of his celebrity legacy. Trump in many ways is the “king of America” and in placing himself above Prince Harry and defending the late Queen he presents himself as an aristocrat with sway in the world of royalty. America may have decided against making George Washington their king in the late 18th century but perhaps a new American monarchism truly is rising…

Conrad Franz is a Staff Writer at Turley Talks.

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