Trump Crushes Fake News at CNN Town Hall!!

The official breaking of CNN is beginning! Donald J. Trump absolutely crushed the clown news network, and we are going to see the top 5 moments from that astonishing masterclass in humiliating the most distrusted name in fake news.

– President Trump received a standing ovation!

– Trump had a great response to CNN’s focus on outdated distractions!

– His epic town hall performance may have even bolstered his chances for the White House as he discussed many important issues!

President Trump received a standing ovation as he entered the stage and was announced. The people at this CNN Town Hall were supportive of the president, which is shocking considering how liberal CNN is.

Trump also fact-checked CNN on live TV.

After being asked why it took him three hours to tell people to go home on January 6th, Trump pulled tweet screenshots out of his jacket and read what he tweeted on January 5th. He asked people to stay peaceful and said he wanted everyone to support the police. Then on January 6th, he tweeted at 2:30 pm that he wanted people in the capital to stay peaceful.

Trump was asked about the claims made by E. Jean Carroll and if the verdict should disqualify him from running.

He affirms that he does not know her but that at one point he had taken a photo with her and her husband decades ago. He explained that she had called her african american husband an ape and that she owned a pet named Vagina. He explained that the New York judge would not allow them to put this information into his statements, but that she was able to say all kinds of things.

Trump also described how his polls soared after his indictment and this trial. The left-leaning Axios agrees that the more Trump gets hit with weaponized legalism, the more his polls soar. The bad news is ironically turning out to be great news for one Donald J. Trump!

Trump also promised to end the war in Ukraine.

After being asked who he wanted to win the war, Trump said that he wants everybody to stop dying in Russia and Ukraine. He kept enforcing the point that it is important to him that people stop dying, not that a specific side “wins.” Rich Baris, the People’s Pundit pointed out that this answer is going to appeal to a lot of Robert Kennedy Jr supporters who are old-school Democrats and want nothing to do with this war. They have completely lost confidence in Biden and they want out of the increasingly escalating role of the United States in Ukraine, so that was a hugely important answer!

Rick Wilson had a major meltdown. Without a doubt, one of the best moments of last night’s CNN town hall was former Republican operative and never-Trumper Rick Wilson’s meltdown.

The #1 biggest and best moment of Trump’s CNN Town Hall is when he said, “You’re a Nasty Person!”

Trump spoke on behalf of all of us right there. No one is talking about 2020, no one is talking about January 6th, no one is talking about what happened with a woman 30 years ago, what we are all concerned about is the record inflation recession, runaway gas prices, bank failures, supply-chain interruptions, an imploding southern border, record crime waves, and the possibility of World War 3. CNN ignores all of that to try to distract us by focusing on petty partisan fabrications. Trump knocked it out of the park! He made CNN look like the clowns they are, and he just may have solidified his ticket to the White House.

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