Trump CRUSHES Biden In Fundraising!!!

Jack Smith’s case against Trump getting indefinitely suspended could not possibly have come at a worse time for Biden and the Democrats! A recent headline just posted by Newsweek, said, ‘Joe Biden Suffers Polling Disaster Against Donald Trump.’ This polling disaster is being called even by CNN contributors a ‘5 Alarm Fire’ for Biden!

– Recent polls indicate that Trump is leading in all battleground states.

– Trump is gaining support from GOP megadonors who initially backed Ron DeSantis, recognizing Trump’s potential to lead the GOP to victory.

– Trump’s successful messaging on issues with broad support, such as immigration crackdowns, contributes to his growing lead in polls.

The latest Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll of battleground shows how Trump is crushing in the polls. The more the political establishment crunches the numbers, the more they are beginning to freak out here! Trump is up 10 in North Carolina, 8 in Nevada, 8 in Georgia, 5 in Wisconsin, 5 in Michigan, 3 in Pennsylvania, and 3 in Arizona. If these numbers hold and if the election integrity measures passed in Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin remain secure to protect us from the Democrats’ shenanigans.

The Epoch Times is reporting that Trump is crushing Biden in fundraising. Trump is crushing the incumbent in fundraising. The advantage an incumbent always has is fundraising. The incumbent president always has the advantage in fundraising. But not this time. According to the Federal Elections Commission, Trump raked in over $10 million more than Biden. We know these are Democrat donors because the big-money GOP megadonors are all lining up behind Trump. Politico reported that Trump met with several Republican megadonors in Las Vegas over the weekend and they all came out in support of Trump and his march towards the White House.

Several of these megadonors were once Ron DeSantis donors, and they are putting all their money in with Trump because they recognize that Trump is on his way to crushing this. If they thought Trump was going to lead the GOP to an electoral disaster like the Ron DeSantis camp originally tried to convince us of, they have had a change of heart. It is not just because Trump is crushing it; it’s the fact that Biden is imploding politically at the same time that Trump is surging. The key here is that this isn’t a coincidence.

The Washington Examiner had a fascinating piece out last week, the piece is entitled ‘Biden is drowning in three disasters of his own making!’ The editors point to the chaos in the Middle East, the chaos at the southern border, and the chaos in the economy as three unmitigated disasters that Biden’s incompetence invariably created. Peter Schiff is among many who are arguing that in many ways, we are already in a recession. When you add the growing inflation numbers in December, it’s more of stagflation. We are seeing higher prices for the staples of the economy such as food, heat, and mortgages as the periphery of the economy such as entertainment, restaurants, and the vacation industry, begin to recede.

No incumbent has ever successfully won reelection whenever a recession occurred in the last two years of his presidency. The key here is the way the Trump campaign is effectively and consistently keeping all three of these disasters on the front page. The Washington Examiner, which is no friend of Trump’s, was all in on Ron DeSantis, but now even they recognized Trump’s brilliant reelection strategy. Trump has been hammering Biden with a constant contrast of their two records. When Trump was president, we had peace abroad, prosperity at home, and a secure border. Under Biden everything unraveled. We have war abroad, depression at home, and the southern border is a mess. If we vote for Trump, we will restore peace, prosperity, and security.

Trump’s poll numbers are surging and simultaneously Biden’s numbers are plummeting! 70% of voters want the government to crack down on illegal immigration. According to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, 35% rank illegal immigration as the nation’s number one concern, jumping seven points since last month. The overwhelming majority blame Biden for worsening the situation. The insanity at the southern border is killing Joe Biden politically, but it’s not just the southern border. Trump is hammering Biden on the economy, and he is hammering him on all the wars that have started around the globe since he came to office.

Trump has become super successful in amassing support for issues that already have a supermajority behind them. His support exceeds 60-65% and the more he does that, the bigger his polling lead grows! Jack Smith’s case couldn’t have imploded at a worse time. The indictments aren’t working, the convictions aren’t working, and Biden’s poll numbers continue to plummet.

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