Trump CRUSHED Biden in Primaries!

huge night for President Trump in his solidification of power over the new patriot-dominated GOP; we’re going to see the latest on the big races won by MAGA forces throughout the country in yesterday’s primaries and what it all means for November. We also are seeing another globalist leader bite the dust. We are going to see the latest bombshell announcement coming out of the nation of Ireland in the latest blow to the European establishment!

– Trump-backed Bernie Moreno won Ohio’s Republican senatorial primary and is now set to face Democrat incumbent senator Sherrod Brown.

– In Arizona, Trump received 100,000 more votes than Biden in the primary contest, indicating strong voter turnout and potential challenges for Biden in November.

– The rejection of the amendments by 70% of voters signals a backlash against the far-left establishment in Irish politics and cultural institutions.


Trump-backed Bernie Moreno won last night in Ohio’s Republican senatorial primary. Bernie is now headed into a head-to-head match-up with the very vulnerable Democrat incumbent senator Sherrod Brown. Moreno should be able to crush Brown easily, especially with Trump at the top of the ticket. Trump is expected to easily win Ohio, possibly by double-digits, as he did last night in the presidential primaries. There were primary elections in six states throughout the country yesterday.

President Trump cast his vote in the Florida primary, which he of course won in a landslide. It was a massive GOP victory across the state, the GOP flipped three mayoral seats in Greenacres, Delray Beach, and Juno Beach. In Clearwater, the GOP has a clean sweep. They flipped two City Council seats and won the Mayor’s race. So a big night for the GOP in Florida as well as Ohio. In Arizona in a sign of what’s to come in November, Trump got 100,000 more votes than Biden in the primary contest. When all the other candidates are factored in such as Kennedy, Cornel West, and Jill Stein, Trump is averaging a seven-point lead in Arizona over Biden according to the RCP aggregate.

Trump is crushing Biden in terms of voter turnout. This is a rather ominous sign for Biden come November. We are already seeing why Biden is struggling so much. We continue to get more data suggesting that the Democrat coalition is unraveling. British political analyst, Matthew Goodwin is even seeing it from across the pond. Trump is stronger today than he has ever been politically. He is in a better position to win in 2024 than he was in 2016. Goodwin recognizes that it’s not just because Trump is so strong, it’s because Biden is so weak. Biden is watching the traditional Democrat coalition unravel. Reporters are shocked to find out how this black couple is intending to vote in 2024:

That reporter was beside herself, but that is exactly what’s happening. Trump has doubled his support among Latinos and Blacks since 2020. The civil war inside the Democrat party between pro-Palestinian progressives and pro-Israeli liberals continues to heat up. In the Kansas primary, 10% of Democrat voters yesterday voted ‘none of the above.’ 15% voted for either none of the above or for someone else in protest against Biden. Arab and Muslim voters have been pushing an ‘uncommitted’ write-in vote protest in response to Biden’s siding with Israel in the Middle East conflict. Democrat strategist James Carville has said that if Biden loses in November, they can blame Israel.

The now former and radically woke Ireland prime minister Leo Varadker made the bombshell announcement just hours ago that his days as prime minister are officially over. The reasons for the unexpected resignation were rather vague. He simply said that it was for both political and personal reasons. But there’s no question that Varadker is still reeling from the devastating loss he took last week. In a stunning blow to the ruling establishment, Irish voters took to the polls in a dual referendum and overwhelmingly rejected their government’s attempts to change their constitution into a radically woke far-left document.

Varadker proposed two amendments that would change the meaning of the words ‘women’ and ‘family’ to be far more inclusive of alternative lifestyles and transgender identities. A massive conservative backlash flooded the polling stations, leaving the liberal establishment a humiliating loss. With all the votes tallied, the proposals were rejected by 70% of the vote. It was a stunning repudiation of a far-left establishment that has seized the leadership position of the three major parties in Irish politics.

The leaders of every party supported these woke changes, as well as all the prominent members of Irish cultural institutions and entertainment. Brendan O’Neil of Spiked wrote an excellent piece on how the dual-referendum fiasco revealed a significant and growing cultural chasm between the people and their woke political-cultural elite. Its resounding defeat suggests that the conservative Irish populace, which seemed to go into such a retreat over the last few years, seems to have been reawakened. Perhaps now this is their moment to rescue Ireland from the throes of a woke cultural aristocracy that had appeared so dominant over the last several years. This aristocracy now looks as if it is hemorrhaging mass support. With their woke prime minister’s resignation, perhaps, this is the end of Ireland’s leftwing turn!

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